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Please Recertify WR Courses for Summer and Fall 2014

Just a quick reminder that any Writing Intensive (WR) courses being taught during the 2014 Summer and Fall Semesters must be recertified as soon as possible, please.  The sooner you recertify, the earlier students can see which WR courses are available on the master schedule.

The recertification process is simple. To recertify your WR course, please email me at "" with the following information:

1.    Course prefix and number:

2.    Course section(s):

3.    CRN number(s):

4.    Semester: (summer or fall)

By recertifying your course in this way you agree to support the "" WAC Objectives and to meet the "" criteria for a WR class.

The following courses do not need to be recertified:

·         All ENG courses

·         All PHL courses

·         All Honors Program courses

·         All HMN courses

·         BIO 114, 155, BIO 156, BIO 133-SLN sections

·         CHE 251, CHE 252

·         CIS 209

·         COM 130, COM 131, COM 151, COM 230

·         EDU 208

·         ESL 130, ESL 201, ESL 145

·         HIM 205, HIM 206, HIM 213

·         MTH 155, MTH 156

·         NUR 111, NUR 112, NUR 150, NUR 211, NUR 212, NUR 214

·         PPE 208, PPE 175

If you are interested in teaching a WR course for the first time and it is not one of the above listed classes, please visit the "" WAC webpage for instructions that will assist you in completing a new course proposal. I would also be delighted to help anyone wishing to develop a WR course, so please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions.

MaryJo Witz