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President's Wednesday Message

Last week, the following comment came in through the portal: I was intrigued to see a notice about the emerging leaders fellowship program in the Tribune but disappointed to see that it is open only to department heads and directors (and above). Although I have leadership responsibilities, I do not fit the criteria for the program.

This week, I'm excited to announce a new leadership program that addresses the concerns raised by this comment, advances the incredible leaders at every level in our College, and builds a network to support and sustain their growth: MCC Leadership Education and Development (LEAD). LEAD is open to full-time faculty; professional staff at specialist level and above; and civil service staff at analyst/programmer/supervisor level and above. Each cohort will include up to a dozen participants who represent MCC's diversity and breadth. LEAD is based on best practices in higher education leadership programs, and initial drafts were reviewed and improved by the current President's Emerging Leaders Fellows and the President's Expanded Cabinet.

The year-long LEAD program offers participants leadership education that is both practical and forward looking. LEADers will gain a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing community colleges; the skills needed to achieve in a changing environment; a more comprehensive portrait of MCC and their leadership within our College; and clarity about their own future goals. Participants will meet with leaders inside and outside of the College and identify a mentor, creating a network that can support their work today and tomorrow. They will also be funded to present at the annual League for Innovation in the Community College conference, connecting to colleagues from across the country on best practices in their field and the critical issues facing our colleges.

Participants will ground their work in common readings on six topics related to leadership in higher education: college stakeholders and operational divisions; equity; demographics; advocacy/funding; innovation; accountability; risk; and planning. They will meet monthly in spring and fall to discuss these readings and other topics with members of President's Staff and the Emerging Leader Fellows. LEADers will also complete the DiSC profile and workshops on emotional intelligence and cultural competence; shadow a director, dean, associate vice president, or vice president outside of their division for a day; participate in two special focus workshops with community leaders; and meet twice with me for conversation over dinner.

As part of LEAD, each member of the cohort will write a goals statement and final reflective essay, identify a mentor who is outside of their reporting path, and write a benchmark report on a program or initiative in their office/department that compares MCC's practices, processes, and outcomes with those at three other near-peer colleges. This final project will be presented to President's Expanded Cabinet to inform the strategic work of the College.

If this program sounds like a great fit for you, please consider applying. The form is online; applications will be accepted through November 21.

As always, I welcome your feedback on the blog.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President