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Call for Candidates: MCC Association Board Faculty Representative, and Faculty Senate nominees

The Nominations, Elections, and Governance (NEG) Committee of the Faculty Senate requests nominations for the following position:

  • MCC Association Board representative.
    • Any member of the voting faculty is eligible for election (full- and part-time teaching faculty, excluding adjuncts; professional staff excluding hourly employees and excluding MCC Foundation and MCC Association employees);
    • Service is for a three-year term, with possible re-election for a second term;
    • Nominees must commit to be available to attend all MCC Association Board and assigned committee meetings;
    • For more information, see MCC Association website:
    • Questions may be posed to MCC Association Executive Director Ginny Geer-Mentry (; x2538)

Nominations for the MCC Association Board will remain open until noon, Monday, May 14, 2018. Interested candidates should send their name, title, office or department, and a short candidate statement of no more than 350 words to Michael Heel, NEG Chair (

Additionally, the NEG Committee is soliciting candidates for the following Faculty Senate constituencies:

    • Applied Technologies (open seat)
    • Biology (open seat; J. Hill not seeking re-election)
    • Business Administration/Economics (K. Borbee seeking re-election)
    • Engineering/Physics (open seat)
    • Engineering Technologies (open seat)
    • English/Philosophy (J.C. Senden seeking re-election)
    • ESOL/TRS (open seat)
    • Health/Physical Education (open seat; A. Flatley not seeking re-election)
    • Health Professions (open seat)
    • Hospitality Management (A. Lawrence seeking re-election)
    • Mathematics (M. Cameron seeking re-election)
    • Nursing (open seat; E. Zion-Stratton not seeking re-election)
    • Visual and Performing Arts (open seat; K. Farrell not seeking re-election)

    • Advisement and Transfer Services (E. Baxter seeking re-election)
    • Athletics (open seat)
    • Career and Veteran Services (open seat)
    • Communication and Network Services (open seat)
    • DC Academic Services (open seat)
    • Facilities (B. Grindle seeking re-election)
    • Grants Office (open seat)
    • President's Office (A. Custodio seeking re-election)
    • Academic Services Divisional Area (J. Santos seeking re-election)
    • EDIWS Divisional Area (open seat)
    • Student Services Divisional Area (open seat)

Nominations for Faculty Senate seats will remain open until noon, Monday, May 21, 2018. Interested candidates should send an email to Michael Heel, NEG Chair ( identifying their constituency.

Michael Heel
Faculty Senate Nominations, Elections, and Governance (NEG) Committee