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Printing Course Book Lists and Clerk Service

Dear Students:

Welcome! Your MCC Bookstore has transitioned to an alpha author shelving system for textbooks at both campuses. You will need to have an author book list created from your course schedule in order to find your books. We are encouraging you to print your book list before coming to the store, this will help the lines move quicker. Please visit our website and create your book list from your course information. Attached is the instructions on how to print your book list.

The Brighton Bookstore's textbook department has transitioned to Clerk Service as well. What does this mean for you? It means you will not have to go and look for your books, the bookstore staff will pull your books for you. We will not be able to look your books up with your cell phones. You will need to have your author book list when you come to the store. If you are unable to print your book list, please bring your course schedule.

And last but not least, you may place your order online at our website and pick it up in store when it is ready. You would use the attached instructions, but instead of printing the book list you would add the books to your cart, create an account and checkout. Also, you are able to use Bookstore Credit on the website!

Attached Files:
Printing Booklist Student Information.docx

Charlene Suter
Book Store