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Accessing Course Information Sheets Online During Advisement Sessions

As many of you know, in order to comply with a recommendation from Middle States, course information sheets for all spring courses were uploaded into Blackboard. The intent is to provide the ability for students to learn more about specific courses before enrollment. These are not open to the public. Only employees and students accepted to the College have access to this resource.

The course information sheets are listed by department, then by discipline, then by course, and then by individual instructor. Directions to access them are attached.

Students have been informed of this repository via the Student Tribune; the message to students included the following caveat: "Please know that these course information sheets are not a guarantee of what a given course may look like in the fall. Many faculty revise their courses from term to term, so the breakdown of assignments, textbooks, and other components may change for next semester."

Attached Files:
Student Directions to Course Information Sheets in myMCC Content collection.pdf

Wheeler, Holly
Academic Services