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12/23/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
12/17/2018Men of Excellence - Creating A Pipeline for Success
12/04/2020League Connections and iStream Updates
12/02/2020League for Innovation Proposal Submission Deadline is December 3 by Noon
11/30/2020Don't Miss This Opportunity! Submit Your Innovations 2021 Conference Proposal by December 3
11/30/2020Free League Webinar: Supporting Student Transfer During COVID-19
11/13/2018Update and Reflections from the Chief Diversity Officer
11/12/2020Don't Miss This Opportunity! Innovations 2021 Conference Proposal Deadline Just Around the Corner
11/09/2020Free Webinar: Pathways to Public Health for Community College Students Webinar
11/09/2020League Connections and iStream Updates
11/09/2020Veterans Appreciation Week at MCC Begins Today!
11/09/2020Veterans Appreciation Week at MCC Begins Today!
11/09/2020Veterans Appreciation Week at MCC Begins Today!
11/08/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
11/08/2018Religious Intolerance Has No Place at MCC
11/07/2018Bias Incident Report--If you see something, say something
11/06/2018Marla Dinkle,Charlene Linzy, Ashleigh Mallory and Kim Nixon Graduated from AALDP
11/04/2021Celebrating and Honoring Our Veterans
11/04/2019Join us Tomorrow! 3AG Student-Faculty-Staff Ingathering & Lunch
10/30/2018Calling For Unity In The Face of Tragedy
10/24/20193AG Student-Faculty-Staff Ingathering
10/23/2020MCC Joins 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge
10/22/2018Promoting A Culture of Respect
10/20/2020Free Two-Part Webinar: Enlisting Faculty to Build Pathways That Reflect Students' Priorities
10/16/2018Interested In Being More Gender Inclusive?
10/16/2018Interested In Being More Gender Inclusive?
10/12/2021Applications Are Being Accepted For The 2021-2022 Terry O'Banion Student Technology Award
10/10/2018Interested In Being More Gender Inclusive?
10/09/2020League Connections and iStream Updates
10/08/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
10/04/2021Diversity and Inclusion Is Not Simply Defined by Race and Ethnicity
10/04/2021Don't Miss This Opportunity! Innovations 2022 Conference Proposal Deadline Just Around the Corner
09/25/2020Free League Webinar: Engaging College Students Using Active Learning Techniques
09/24/2018Register Today: Diversity Conference - The Resegregation of Higher Education: How Diverse Are Our Spaces
09/18/2020Fall Diversity Conference Is Virtual!
09/17/2020Fall Diversity Conference Registration Link Now Open!
09/14/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
09/14/2020Presenting Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.
09/10/2018Register Today: Diversity Conference - The Resegregation of Higher Education: How Diverse Are Our Spaces
09/08/2020Education in the Critical Infrastructure: Continuity, Adaptability, and Innovation in Unusual Times Webinar
09/04/2020League Connections and iStream Updates
09/04/2019PRISM Multicultural Center's Open House
09/03/20192019 Diversity Conference
08/30/2021MCC Notice of Non-Discrimination
08/30/2019MCC Notice of Non-Discrimination
08/25/20202021 Hispanic Leadership Institute Nominations Now Available
08/18/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
08/14/2020League Connections and iStream Updates
07/20/2020Creating Effective Social Justice Habits
07/17/2020League Connections and iStream Updates
07/09/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
06/22/2020Learning to Breathe: An Open Opportunity for Building Understanding and Encouraging Healing Zoom Recording
06/17/2021Emeritus Employee Recognized For Community Service
06/15/2021Comparing Learning Management System Discussion to Packback: Impact on Faculty and Student Outcomes
06/12/2020Learning To Breathe: An Open Opportunity For Building Understanding And Encouraging Healing
06/08/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
06/08/2021Possible Expansion of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
06/01/2021MCC Scholars Program, University of Rochester's Warner School of Education
05/26/2021Developing Coping and Resilience Skills to Advance Student Success Webinar
05/25/2021Reflecting on the Anniversary of the Death of George Floyd
05/12/2020Register Now For SUNY Accessibility Week (May 18-22)
05/06/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
05/04/2022Downtown Campus Open Forum 5/6 @ 12:00 PM
05/03/20212020-2021 Innovation of the Year Awards
04/29/2022Downtown Campus Open Forum 5/6 @ 12:00 PM
04/24/2019Reminder: Hispanic Student Success Webinar Tomorrow
04/23/20212021 Recipients of the Scholarship Program for Indigenous Native & Alaskan American Students
04/23/2021Community Connection: Recent Incidents of Racially-Motivated Bias, Violence, & Hate Against Asian Americans
04/21/2021Stop The Hate Against Asian Americans
04/12/2019Hispanic Student Success Webinar
04/10/2019Men of Color Summit - SUNY Fredonia
04/08/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
04/07/2021Shared Diversity Programming Through UNYCC
04/06/2022Guidelines for Study Abroad Activities for Students and International Travel for Employees
04/04/2022Inspiring The Way Forward - Providing A Sense of Belonging For Muslim Faculty, Staff and Students
04/02/2020There is Strength In Maintaining Our Community
04/02/2019Introducing The New Director, Title IX
03/27/2019The United Way African American Leadership Development (AALDP) - Application Now Available
03/23/2021Information Session for the Ed.D. Program in Executive Leadership at St. John Fisher College
03/22/2022Reminder: MCC Alumna to Speak at March 24 Essential Discussion
03/22/2019Spring 2019 Diversity Conference: The Intersectionality of Women and Girls of Color and Mental Health
03/19/2021Moments of Silence Are Not Enough. Together We Can Stop Hate.
03/17/2021League Connections and iStream Updates
03/09/2022MCC Presenters at Innovations 2022
03/08/2021MCC Presenters at the 2021 Innovations Conference
03/04/2019Understanding the Intersection of Gender, Race and Mental Health
03/03/2022League Connections and iStream Updates
03/03/2022Save the Date: MCC Alumna to Speak at March 24 Essential Discussion
02/27/2019Micro - and Macro-Aggressions and their Impact on Inclusion and Civility
02/22/2021MCC Scholars Program Eligibility Expanded
02/15/20222022 Innovation of the Year Award Nomination Reminder
02/15/2021Rochester Public Library Hosts Screening, Panel Discussion of Black Men in White Coats Documentary
02/10/2022MCC Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT)-Focused Campus Climate Assessment Toolkit Team
02/09/2022MCC to Help Build National Resource Aimed at Addressing Systemic Inequities in Higher Education
02/07/2022League Connections and iStream Updates - MCC featured in Leadership Abstract
02/04/2021Today! Information Session - Accelerated Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) Degree at UR Warner School
02/04/2021Today! Information Session - Accelerated Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) Degree at UR Warner School
02/04/2021Today! Information Session - Accelerated Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) Degree at UR Warner School
02/04/2019Seeking Input Regarding Best Practices for Targeted Populations at MCC
02/03/2022Reminder: MCC Scholars Program - Information Session Today at Noon
02/03/2022Reminder: MCC Scholars Program - Information Session Today at Noon
02/03/2022Supporting a LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group at MCC
01/31/2022MCC Notice of Non-Discrimination
01/28/2021Information Session: Accelerated Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Higher Education
01/27/2022MCC Scholars Program - Continuing To Inspire The Way Forward "From the Inside Out"
01/26/2021The Pain and Privilege of Being Professionally 'Woke'
01/24/20222022 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for Nominations
01/21/2020Accepting Applications for the Alice Holloway Young Diversity Internship Program
01/18/2022League Connections and iStream Updates
01/15/2021League Connections and iStream Updates - Innovation Showcase Highlights MCC's Model UN Program
01/15/2021League Virtual Innovations Conference - March 1-4, 2021
01/14/2021Taking Time for Self-Reflection
01/14/2019Governor Cuomo Selects 2019 Class of Hispanic Leadership Institute Fellows
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