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08/16/2022Technology Recap 2022Penwarden, Ann
08/08/2022Brightspace Updates: Week of 8/8Gilbert, Andrea
08/05/2022MFA continues with VPNMason, Kyle
08/04/2022Voicemail System Maintenance Monday August 8th 5:00pmClement, James
08/03/2022Ensemble video posting turned off starting tomorrow!Case, Jeremy
07/19/2022myMCC Updates and TrainingBaxter, Elizabeth
07/12/2022Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Wednesday, July 13, 2022Reifsteck, John
06/27/2022Alert: Microsoft 365 Exchange Online - Mailbox Migration!Penwarden, Ann
06/22/2022Week 2 - Get Your Banner OnMiller, Douglas
06/16/2022Network Infrastructure Planned Maintenance this Saturday, June 18thMason, Kyle
06/14/2022Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Tuesday, June 14, 2022Reifsteck, John
06/10/2022Starfish Announcement: System maintenanceKulak, John
06/09/2022Get Your Banner 9 Self Service OnMiller, Douglas
05/31/2022Accessing the Kuali Curriculum Database from homeGraney, Tracey
05/26/2022Coming this summer Microsoft 365 Exchange Online - Mailbox Migration!Penwarden, Ann
05/23/2022Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Tuesday, May 24, 2022Reifsteck, John
04/27/2022Technology Change Suspension from May 10 - 31Wirley, Eileen
04/21/2022Our new portal "Did you know" series: What's the Status of the New Portal?Rehbaum, Michael
04/14/2022MFA Rollout CompleteWirley, Eileen
04/11/2022New Systems Requiring MultiFactor Authentication Starting TodayWirley, Eileen
04/07/2022MFA - What's Next Starting April 11Wirley, Eileen
04/04/2022New Systems Requiring MultiFactor Authentication Starting This WeekWirley, Eileen
04/01/2022March Brightspace UpdatesGilbert, Andrea
03/31/2022MFA - What's Rolling Out Next Week?Wirley, Eileen
03/31/2022Tech Alert: Office moves (computers, phones, and all things technology)Penwarden, Ann
03/30/2022Fake Phone Calls from Extension 1000Clement, James
03/28/2022New Systems Requiring MultiFactor Authentication Starting TodayWirley, Eileen
03/25/2022Banner Production Services Planned Outage - Wednesday, March 30Fathergill, Robert
03/24/2022MFA - What's Next Starting March 28Wirley, Eileen
03/22/2022Banner Production Database Outage - Wednesday, March 23, 2022Fathergill, Robert
03/21/2022MFA Now Required for Blackboard, Including myMCCWirley, Eileen
03/18/2022Blackboard Will Require MFA Monday March 21Wirley, Eileen
03/14/2022MFA Now Required for WebFOCUS and employees.monroecc.eduWirley, Eileen
03/10/2022MFA Required for Blackboard March 21Wirley, Eileen
03/08/2022Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Wednesday, March 9, 2022Reifsteck, John
03/07/2022Help Us Name Our New Portal!Rehbaum, Michael
03/07/2022Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is here!Wirley, Eileen
03/03/2022Answers to Multifactor Authentication QuestionsWirley, Eileen
03/01/2022MFA Questions and AnswersWirley, Eileen
02/28/2022Alert - Mandatory MFA Begins March 7Wirley, Eileen
02/23/2022What's the Buzz? MFAWirley, Eileen
02/22/2022MFA Coming Soon - Opt-In NowWirley, Eileen
02/18/2022Brightspace Updates and a Reminder to Check Out the Sandbox!Gilbert, Andrea
02/15/2022Phone System MaintenanceClement, James
02/15/2022Tech Tip: Passwords Best PracticesPenwarden, Ann
02/14/2022Banner Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Wednesday, February 16, 2022Fathergill, Robert
02/08/2022Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Wednesday, February 9, 2022Reifsteck, John
02/03/2022Please Check your Tech Before ClassKeys, Terrance
02/02/2022Fall Semester Zoom video recordings are being removed from the Zoom Cloud!Case, Jeremy
01/25/2022Technology Tips: Password ResetsPenwarden, Ann
01/20/2022Log4j Vulnerability UpdateWirley, Eileen
01/14/2022It's not you, it's Blackboard (and sometimes Word)Gilbert, Andrea
01/14/2022Technology Alert: Microsoft 365 - Spam/Junk Email & Login updatePenwarden, Ann
01/04/2022Slight change to the CIS (Course Information Sheet) templateCase, Jeremy
01/03/2022Degree Works Production Environment Upgrade - Tuesday, January 4, 2022Reifsteck, John
12/22/2021Log 4j Vulnerability and Blackboard: What you need to knowGilbert, Andrea
12/22/2021Playing in the Brightspace SandboxGilbert, Andrea
12/21/2021Log4j VulnerabilityWirley, Eileen
12/16/2021Computers will Automatically Restart for UpdatesBroberg, Scott
12/07/2021Tech Tip: Send Scammers Packing this Holiday Season!Penwarden, Ann
12/02/2021Display Name Change in ZoomCase, Jeremy
12/02/2021New feature for proctoring your exams through ZoomCase, Jeremy
11/17/2021Brightspace Brown Bag and Sandbox!Gilbert, Andrea
11/16/2021Acessing Banner Time Sheets and Faculty Leave ReportsOliver, Deborah
11/16/2021Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Tuesday, November 16, 2021Reifsteck, John
11/16/2021Tech Tip: Don't get 'locked out'!Penwarden, Ann
11/10/2021Phone System Maintenance Thursday 11/11Clement, James
11/08/2021Report Phishing Emails in OutlookWirley, Eileen
11/05/2021Alert: Temporary Change to Technology Request System on Friday, November 5thPenwarden, Ann
10/28/2021Adding Pronouns to Zoom Display NameTrudeau, Shelby
10/28/2021Past Due Cyber Training will result in 7 Day Password Expiration as of MondayWirley, Eileen
10/21/2021Zoom version upgrade now!Penwarden, Ann
10/20/2021Appropriate Use of "Shared" Folders on the M-DriveWirley, Eileen
10/19/2021Network Upgrades Wednesday Morning 6:00am - 7:00amClement, James
10/19/2021Reminder - Annual Cyber Security Awareness Training DueWirley, Eileen
10/13/2021Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Wednesday, October 13, 2021Reifsteck, John
10/13/2021Internet Maintenance 6:00AM Thursday MorningClement, James
10/12/2021Applications Are Being Accepted For The 2021-2022 Terry O'Banion Student Technology AwardGantt, Calvin
10/12/2021Summer Semester Zoom video recordings are being removed from the Zoom Cloud!Case, Jeremy
10/08/2021Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection Update and Restart PromptBroberg, Scott
10/07/2021Tips to Stay Safe from Cyber CrimeWirley, Eileen
10/01/2021Cyber Security Awareness Training Starts Today!Wirley, Eileen
09/29/2021Time is running out!! myMCC is going away and we need your input for its replacement!Rehbaum, Michael
09/27/2021Banner Use in Chrome RestoredFathergill, Robert
09/21/2021FY22 Cyber Security Awareness TrainingWirley, Eileen
09/17/2021Don't Forget: myMCC is going away and we need your input for its replacement!Baxter, Elizabeth
09/16/2021Join Us Today: myMCC Portal Product Replacement Demo - Unifyed, LLC-Unifyed Student EngageBaxter, Elizabeth
09/16/2021Tech Tip: When is my Password expiring?Penwarden, Ann
09/15/2021Join Us Today: myMCC Portal Product Replacement Demo Webinar -ExLibris- campusMBaxter, Elizabeth
09/14/2021Join Us Today! myMCC Portal Product Replacement Demo -Ucroo, Inc. -PathBaxter, Elizabeth
09/14/2021Upgrades to our Phone System Voice Recognition System Wednesday EveningClement, James
09/13/2021Join Us Today: myMCC Portal Product Replacement Demo -Ellucian ExperienceBaxter, Elizabeth
09/10/2021myMCC Product Replacement DemosRehbaum, Michael
09/10/2021Student Technology Resources for Fall 2021Gilbert, Andrea
09/07/2021WiFi Upgrades to Brighton, ATC, and PSTFClement, James
09/02/2021Updates from MCC APPLIED- Survey results and Demos for a new Portal ProductRehbaum, Michael
09/01/2021Adding videos to Blackboard through the Ensemble Video Chooser has changed!Case, Jeremy
08/19/2021Act now! Check your password recovery informationPenwarden, Ann
08/19/2021Tech Alert: Printer updatesBroberg, Scott
08/16/2021Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Tuesday, August 17, 2021Reifsteck, John
08/16/2021Multi-Factor Authentication Roll-OutWirley, Eileen
08/11/2021Where are my Spring semester Zoom Cloud recordings?!Case, Jeremy
08/03/2021Alert: Update your WiFi Password on Return to CampusPenwarden, Ann
07/27/2021Adobe Acrobat Reader XI Has Been Discontinued - Please Upgrade NowGallion, Christine
07/26/2021Last chance to get MS Teams before 7/30Penwarden, Ann
07/20/2021Urgent - MS Teams replacing Skype for Business on 7/30Penwarden, Ann
07/19/2021(MFA) Multi-Factor Authentication 101 at MCCWirley, Eileen
07/16/2021Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Monday, July 19, 2021Reifsteck, John
07/14/2021Install Windows Emergency Security UpdatesWirley, Eileen
07/13/2021Alert: MS Teams Replacing Skype for Business on 7/30Penwarden, Ann
07/13/2021Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Wednesday, July 14, 2021Reifsteck, John
07/06/2021MS Teams Replacing Skype for BusinessPenwarden, Ann
06/24/2021Degree Works training videoDonnelly, Marybeth
06/22/2021WiFi Upgrades at Downtown CampusClement, James
06/16/2021Degree Works Production Upgrade - June 17Reifsteck, John
06/15/2021Zoom Cloud videos will be deleted this summer: now's the time to move your videos!Case, Jeremy
06/04/2021MCC Email AccountAriola, Amy
06/03/2021Tech Tip: Don't get 'locked out'!Penwarden, Ann
05/28/2021Ad Astra UpgradeCustodio, Antonia
05/28/2021Cybersecurity Awareness Training - Second ChancePenwarden, Ann
05/28/2021Library OneSearch Tool Down For Scheduled MaintenenceGhidiu, Katherine
05/21/2021Banner Unavailable This WeekendFathergill, Robert
05/19/2021Changes to the Facilities Work Request SystemCarroll, Michael
05/18/2021Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie
05/03/2021Final Notice: Removal of Flash Files from m-drivePenwarden, Ann
05/03/2021Outlook Tips PowerPoint & Q&A from 4/22 EventLavin, Sylvia
04/22/2021Cyber Training - Adjuncts Deadline May 5Wirley, Eileen
04/14/2021How to Make the Most of Microsoft Outlook: Advice from Our Tech ExpertsLavin, Sylvia
04/02/2021Critical Phone System Patching Tonight 4/2/21 at 7:00pmClement, James
04/01/2021Beware of Fake IRS Scam Targeting College Students and StaffWirley, Eileen
03/29/2021Alert: Removal of flash files from m-drivePenwarden, Ann
03/25/2021Phone System Maintenance Friday March 26th 7:00pm - MidnightClement, James
03/23/2021Required Upgrade for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client 4.9 on 3/30/21Clement, James
03/15/2021Required Upgrade for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client 4.9 on 3/30/21Clement, James
03/12/2021PowerPoint & Q&A Followup from 3/2/21 Tech Brown BagsLavin, Sylvia
03/10/2021Tech Tip: Get ahead of a password changePenwarden, Ann
03/01/2021Update on Weekend myMCC/Blackboard IssueYule, Rosanna
02/26/2021Network Security Upgrades 2/27Clement, James
02/24/2021Don't Miss Important Emails - Check SpamWirley, Eileen
02/12/2021Belated Happy Safer Internet Day!Penwarden, Ann
02/09/2021Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance Outage - Wednesday, February 10, 2021Reifsteck, John
02/08/2021Prevent Expiring Software Licenses While Working RemotelyGallion, Christine
02/03/2021Faculty: How to Support Students with Testing AccommodationsPantaleo, Sarah
01/28/2021Don't Get Phished!Wirley, Eileen
01/26/2021Banner TimesheetsPenwarden, Ann
01/26/2021Restart Computer Shortcut added to Desktop ComputersGallion, Christine
01/13/2021Amnesty - Cyber Security Awareness Training - Second ChanceWirley, Eileen
01/11/2021"Fun-Size" Tech Trainings for Faculty (Begins today!)Gilbert, Andrea
12/28/2020Degree Works Production Environment Maintenance OutageReifsteck, John
12/23/2020Restart Computer Shortcut added to Desktop ComputersGallion, Christine
12/22/20202020 Holiday Phishing Red FlagsPenwarden, Ann
12/22/2020Reminder: Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie
12/18/2020Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie
12/17/2020Cyber Security Best Practices at HomeWirley, Eileen
12/15/2020Beware! Shipping and Delivery Phishing EmailsWirley, Eileen
11/20/2020Banner Workflow UpgradeFathergill, Robert
11/19/2020Cyber Training - Adjuncts Deadline Dec 2Wirley, Eileen
11/16/2020Degree Works Production Outage - Tuesday, November 17, 2020Reifsteck, John
11/10/2020Starfish Announcement: New Progress Survey Opening Soon!Kulak, John
11/05/2020Did You Just Have to Change Your Password?Wirley, Eileen
11/02/2020Upgrade of Banner WorkflowFathergill, Robert
10/27/2020Nov. 1 Deadline - Avoid 7 Day Password Expiration by Completing Cyber Security TrainingWirley, Eileen
10/23/2020Email Security Best Practices InfographicWirley, Eileen
10/22/2020Tech Tip: When is my Password expiring?Penwarden, Ann
10/20/2020Ad Astra UpgradeCustodio, Antonia
10/15/2020Reminder - Annual Cyber Security Awareness Training Due!Wirley, Eileen
10/14/2020How to Allow a Popup Window in a Web BrowserGallion, Christine
10/14/2020MCC Joins Eduroam for Shared WiFi Access on Campuses NationwideClement, James
10/09/2020Tips for Successful Completion of Cyber Security Awareness TrainingWirley, Eileen
10/08/2020Free Cyber Security Training for Your FamilyWirley, Eileen
10/07/2020The link to MCC Career Coach has changed.Sine-Kinz, Kristin
10/01/2020Cyber Security Awareness Training Starts Today!Wirley, Eileen
09/30/2020Undeliverable Emails to Purchasing Department General EmailBates, Patrick
09/24/2020FY21 Cyber Security Awareness TrainingWirley, Eileen
09/21/2020Adjunct System Access and Cyber Security TrainingWirley, Eileen
09/21/2020Install Windows UpdatesGallion, Christine
09/18/2020Zoom Update will require meeting passwords starting September 27th!Keys, Terrance
09/11/2020Beware of Spear PhishingWirley, Eileen
09/09/2020Student Storage Access Via Acronis Now AvailableEggleston, Andrew
09/03/2020Don't Miss Student Emails - Check SpamWirley, Eileen
09/01/2020How To: Testing Accommodations in BlackboardCapuano, Thomas
09/01/2020Tech Tip: Employee Technology SupportPenwarden, Ann
08/27/2020Beware of PhishingWirley, Eileen
08/27/2020Student Tech Supports for Remote LearningGilbert, Andrea
08/27/2020Using Starfish to Take AttendanceKulak, John
08/24/2020Tech Tip: Act now! Password/account recovery informationPenwarden, Ann
08/19/2020Linking with Perceptive ContentFathergill, Robert
08/17/2020Virtual Campus Reminders: Preview Week Begins August 19th!Gilbert, Andrea
08/12/2020Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie
08/11/2020Using Starfish for Virtual Appointment SchedulingKulak, John
08/06/2020Tech Tip: One is the Loneliest NumberPenwarden, Ann
08/05/2020292-TECH and Remote ACD SupportClement, James
07/30/2020Accessibility training is mandatory for all web editors.Baker, Sean
07/29/2020TechTip: Account (password) recovery and resetPenwarden, Ann
07/27/2020MCC Email AccountAriola, Amy
07/16/2020EIT Accessibility Training Available Online NowFingar, Melissa
07/10/2020Phishers don't take vacationsWirley, Eileen
07/02/2020Network Maintenance Friday July 3rd from 11:00am to 3:00pmClement, James
07/02/2020Student Laptop Loans for Summer/Fall 2020Ghidiu, Katherine
06/25/2020Access the Chronicle of Higher Education through MCC LibrariesGhidiu, Katherine
06/15/2020Did you know? The Virtual Campus Team is here for you!Gilbert, Andrea
06/15/2020Remote Desktop (RDP) May Be UnavailableAriola, Amy
06/11/2020Network Service Outage on Saturday, June 13th 2020Clement, James
06/10/2020Banner Brush UpFathergill, Robert
06/04/2020Technology Support ticketing offline on Friday June 5thPenwarden, Ann
06/03/2020Cybersecurity Awareness Training - Second ChancePenwarden, Ann
06/02/2020Alert: Temporary Change to Technology Request System on Friday, June 5thPenwarden, Ann
05/29/2020Free Ellucian Live Virtual ConferenceWirley, Eileen
05/27/2020Tech Tip--ZoomPenwarden, Ann
05/13/2020Tech Tip - Outlook: The Importance of Closing Files and ProgramsPenwarden, Ann
05/04/2020Zoom version 5.0 - upgrade nowWirley, Eileen
04/23/2020Technology Tips - VPN, remote desktop - what's it all about?Penwarden, Ann
04/22/2020Network Maintenance at Downtown Campus 4/25/2020Clement, James
04/22/2020Tech Tips - Using Perceptive Content (formerly known as Image Now) from Off-CampusPenwarden, Ann
04/20/2020Tech Tips - Using Perceptive Content (formerly known as Image Now) from Off-CampusPenwarden, Ann
04/14/2020Digital Records ReminderGhidiu, Katherine
04/13/2020Best Technology Practices for Working from HomePenwarden, Ann
04/06/2020Tech Tips - Working from HomePenwarden, Ann
04/03/2020Free Resources and College Researcher Badging Program from MCC LibrariesGhidiu, Katherine
04/03/2020Scheduled Downtime for employees.monroecc.eduReynolds, Robert
04/03/2020Scheduled Downtime for employees.monroecc.eduReynolds, Robert
04/02/2020COVID-19 ScamsWirley, Eileen
03/27/2020Access to Online Textbooks - Free!Ghidiu, Katherine
03/27/2020Zoom-bombing by Uninvited GuestsWirley, Eileen
03/24/2020Check spam for student emailsWirley, Eileen
03/24/2020How to check your voicemail from off campusClement, James
03/24/2020MCC Increases VPN CapacityClement, James
03/24/2020Tech tip of the Day - ZoomPenwarden, Ann
03/23/2020Employee Technology SupportWirley, Eileen
03/20/2020Tech Tip of the DayBenz, Ilene
03/18/2020Access from Home - Actions Before Leaving CampusWirley, Eileen
03/18/2020Easiest way to email your whole class (Tools for quickly getting your course online)Case, Jeremy
03/18/2020Today Only: Special Extended Technology Support Phone HoursWirley, Eileen
03/18/2020Using Starfish Remotely as a Student Success ToolKulak, John
03/17/2020Link to video of yesterday's Zoom TrainingCase, Jeremy
03/17/2020Zoom Basics for Faculty - Brighton Campus Wednesday Hours removedEggleston, Andrew
03/17/2020Zoom Basics for Faculty - Downtown Campus Wednesday Hours removedEggleston, Andrew
03/17/2020Zoom support for non-teaching faculty and staffWilkie, Jessica
03/16/2020Fake COVID-19 Map Website - Beware!Wirley, Eileen
03/16/2020Taking your class online quickly: Zoom Training Today!Case, Jeremy
03/13/2020Taking your class online quickly: Zoom Training on Monday!Case, Jeremy
03/13/2020Zoom Basics for Faculty - Brighton CampusEggleston, Andrew
03/13/2020Zoom Basics for Faculty - Downtown CampusEggleston, Andrew
03/05/2020Coronavirus: Special Blackboard Training SessionsCapuano, Thomas
03/04/2020Virtual Friday Sessions for Spring 2020Gilbert, Andrea
02/28/2020Sending Emails through Advisor DashboardRampe, Amanda
02/20/2020Don't Lose your Saved FilesWirley, Eileen
02/13/2020Banner 9 DocumentationFathergill, Robert
02/13/2020Banner 9 DocumentationFathergill, Robert
02/12/2020BingeWorthy ContentCapuano, Thomas
02/12/2020Changes to Network PrintersAriola, Amy
02/07/2020Degree Works Technical UpgradeTorcello, Jody
02/06/2020Remember to lock your screenWirley, Eileen
02/04/2020Did you get an email to complete your assigned training?Wirley, Eileen
01/30/2020Department spear phish attacksWirley, Eileen
01/23/2020Why is my password expiring so often?Wirley, Eileen
01/16/2020Beware of Cyber Smishing AttacksWirley, Eileen
01/13/2020INB (Banner 8) End of UseFathergill, Robert
01/09/20207 day password expirationWirley, Eileen
12/20/2019Turn off your computer, part 2Wirley, Eileen
12/19/2019If you got phished...Wirley, Eileen
12/19/2019Turn off computers before breakWirley, Eileen
12/12/2019Holiday email red flagsWirley, Eileen
12/05/2019Cyber Training - still time to finishWirley, Eileen
12/03/2019ImageNow Upgrade - ReminderFathergill, Robert
11/26/2019Keep MCC documents secure - utilize MCC's resources!Wirley, Eileen
11/26/2019Network Maintenance on Friday November 29thClement, James
11/26/2019Technology change suspension from Dec 2 - 28Wirley, Eileen
11/25/2019ImageNow UpgradeFathergill, Robert
11/21/2019Thank you to the 74%!Wirley, Eileen
11/14/2019Training deadline tomorrowWirley, Eileen
11/13/2019Network Maintenance on Saturday, November 16thClement, James
11/12/2019"Hello, I am trying to register for a class but can't find it"Nguyen, Binh-Yen
11/07/2019Beware of smishing fraudWirley, Eileen
11/05/2019Missing student emails?Wirley, Eileen
11/04/2019Upcoming Virtual Campus Training for November and DecemberGilbert, Andrea
11/01/2019Cybersecurity Awareness MonthWirley, Eileen
11/01/2019Upcoming Virtual Campus Training for November and DecemberGilbert, Andrea
10/30/2019Cybersecurity Awareness MonthWirley, Eileen
10/24/2019KnowBe4 Cyber Security Awareness TrainingWirley, Eileen
10/17/2019Annual Fall Cyber Security Awareness Training BeginsWirley, Eileen
09/27/2019Don't get caught by phishing!Wirley, Eileen
09/26/2019Network Maintenance at ATC Sunday 9/29Clement, James
09/13/2019Starfish News - The Academic Progress Report will open on Monday, September 16Kulak, John
09/12/2019Phishing AttackGallion, Christine
09/06/2019Phishing AttackGallion, Christine
09/04/2019Ad Astra Version 8 TrainingCustodio, Antonia
08/27/2019Fall 2019 "Virtual Fridays"Blue, Paula
08/26/2019New Online Student Webinars!Gilbert, Andrea
08/26/2019Thank you for reaching 95%!Wirley, Eileen
08/20/2019Scheduled Phone MaintenanceClement, James
08/19/2019Take Time to Reboot for Important Windows UpdatesBroberg, Scott
08/12/2019Where can I find Banner 9 Documentation? Brown BagAriola, Amy
08/07/2019Enhanced Desktop PC SecurityBroberg, Scott
08/06/2019Banner 9 Timing OutFathergill, Robert
07/30/2019Where Are the Workflows?Fathergill, Robert
07/23/2019VPN AccessWirley, Eileen
07/22/2019Maintenance to eVisions ApplicationsFathergill, Robert
07/15/2019System MaintenanceFathergill, Robert
06/25/2019Seeking all Windows 7 Laptops & PCsGallion, Christine
06/24/2019Degree Works PRODUCTION 5.0 UpgradeReifsteck, John
06/17/2019Degree Works PRODUCTION 5.0 UpgradeReifsteck, John
06/10/2019Out with the OldPenwarden, Ann
06/07/2019Weekend System MaintenanceFathergill, Robert
05/28/2019Degree Works Maintenance Outage on Wednesday 5/29/2019 from 6:00am-7:00amReifsteck, John
05/23/2019Banner 9 Admin PagesFathergill, Robert
05/20/2019Degree Works Maintenance Outage on Tuesday 5/21/2019 from 4:00am-7:00amReifsteck, John
05/20/2019Technology Change Suspension from May 17 - 31Wirley, Eileen
05/16/2019Degree Works Login ErrorTorcello, Jody
05/01/2019Why is my network password expiring so often?Wirley, Eileen
04/25/2019Technology Ticketing Support System UpdateUpson, Bradley
04/24/ MaintenanceSavage, Jeffrey
04/22/2019Web Forms UpgradeVyshnyvetskyi, Oleg
04/18/2019Starfish Announcement: The Kudos Survey Opens Next Week!Kulak, John
04/11/2019Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie
04/09/2019Ad Astra Scheduling Tool has officially moved to the CloudCustodio, Antonia
04/02/2019Ad Astra Scheduling Tool is moving to the Cloud Custodio, Antonia
03/29/2019Ticketing System MaintenanceSavage, Jeffrey
03/22/2019Ticketing System MaintenanceSavage, Jeffrey
03/18/2019Degree Works Development 5.0 UpgradeReifsteck, John
03/13/2019MCC Time Off Request Form ChangesReynolds, Robert
03/11/2019System MaintenanceFathergill, Robert
03/08/2019Starfish Announcement: The Spring 2019 Midterm Progress Survey Opens Monday!Kulak, John
03/04/2019System MaintenanceFathergill, Robert
02/28/2019Is your userID or password compromised?Wirley, Eileen
02/27/2019Starfish UpdatesKulak, John
02/22/2019Maintenance CancelledFathergill, Robert
02/19/2019Luminis RetirementFathergill, Robert
02/19/2019Weekend System MaintenanceFathergill, Robert
02/07/2019Starfish News - Thank You!Kulak, John
01/07/2019Thank you for reaching 92.5%!Wirley, Eileen
12/20/2018MCC Network Maintenance December 29thClement, James
12/06/20187 day password expiration in January for those who do not complete Cybersecurity Training by Dec 31Wirley, Eileen
11/30/2018Scheduled Network Maintenance Saturday December 1stClement, James
11/30/2018Technology change suspension from Dec 3 - 29Wirley, Eileen
11/21/2018Scheduled downtime today for employees.monroecc.eduReynolds, Robert
11/02/2018Older HP LaserJet Toner Cartridges AvailableCormack, Christine
11/01/2018Degree Works MaintenanceReifsteck, John
10/18/2018It's Everyone's Job to Ensure Online Safety at WorkWirley, Eileen
10/16/2018Cyber Criminals Stealing Your Data from BrowsersGallion, Christine
10/11/2018It's 3AM. Do You Know Where to Get Tutoring?Dugan, Lawrence
10/09/2018Hot Jobs - Cybersecurity ProfessionalsWirley, Eileen
10/04/2018Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips - Safe at HomeWirley, Eileen
10/02/2018Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tip - Strong PasswordsWirley, Eileen
09/19/2018Technical Tips: How to Save a Word Document as a PDFGallion, Christine
08/17/2018New Web Cyber Security FeaturesClement, James
08/14/2018Prevent Losing Your FilesGallion, Christine
07/20/2018Changes to email notifications from employee (Lotus Notes) databasesReynolds, Robert
07/06/2018Degree Works Production Migration to VTCReifsteck, John
06/27/ Being RetiredPenwarden, Ann
06/21/2018College Personnel Listing for CatalogReynolds, Robert
06/21/2018Technical Support Tips: Keyboard ShortcutsGallion, Christine
06/11/2018Verizon Wireless users in buildings 3, 9 and 11 - Building repeater system temporarily down.Roehrig, Bradley
06/06/2018Verizon Wireless users in buildings 3, 9 and 11 - Building repeater system downtime this summer.Roehrig, Bradley
05/22/2018Reducing Your Information FootprintPogroszewski, Donna
05/21/2018Degree Works Planned MaintenanceAriola, Amy
05/15/2018Technical Support Tips: How to Find Your Decal Number in Windows 10Gallion, Christine
05/14/2018Technology change suspension from May 13 - 30Wirley, Eileen
05/11/2018Network Maintenance on Saturday 5/12 at Public Safety Training CenterClement, James
05/03/2018Technical Support Tips: Clearing the Browser CacheGallion, Christine
05/01/2018Scheduled SUNY ITEC MaintenanceFathergill, Robert
04/30/2018Who Moved My Cheese? Navigating the New myMCC (Last Brown Bag)Gilbert, Andrea
04/30/2018Who Moved My Cheese? Navigating the New myMCC (Last Brown Bag)Gilbert, Andrea
04/20/2018M-Drive Spring CleaningClement, James
04/20/2018Who Moved My Cheese? Navigating the New myMCC (Upcoming Dates)Gilbert, Andrea
04/19/2018Who Moved My Cheese? Navigating the New myMCC (Upcoming Dates)Gilbert, Andrea
04/12/2018Who Moved My Cheese? Navigating the New myMCC (Today at Brighton)Gilbert, Andrea
04/03/2018Who Moved My Cheese? Navigating the New myMCCGilbert, Andrea
04/02/2018Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardAriola, Amy
04/02/2018Staying Safe from Tax ScamsPogroszewski, Donna
03/29/2018Argos Users - Evisions Application Launcher RequiredAriola, Amy
03/26/2018Change is Coming to myMCCAriola, Amy
03/21/2018Network Maintenance in Building 1 - Thursday March 22 at 6amLederhouse, David
03/15/2018Brief Maintenance to myMCCAriola, Amy
03/08/2018Brief Maintenance to myMCCAriola, Amy
03/08/2018Brief Maintenance to myMCCAriola, Amy
03/02/2018Brief Maintenance to myMCCAriola, Amy
02/28/2018Brief Maintenance to myMCCAriola, Amy
02/26/2018Brief Maintenance to myMCCAriola, Amy
02/22/2018Blackboard Maintenance TodayAriola, Amy
02/20/2018Brief Maintenance to myMCCAriola, Amy
02/16/ offline Friday, February 23rd for upgradesUpson, Bradley
02/12/2018Seeking all Windows 7 PCsGallion, Christine
02/09/2018Scheduled Downtime for employees.monroecc.eduReynolds, Robert
02/09/2018Technical Support Tips: Recent Phishing AttackGallion, Christine
01/31/2018Technical Support Tips: Web Browsing Keyboard ShortcutsGallion, Christine
01/24/2018Windows UpdateGallion, Christine
01/19/2018Phone Maintenance on Incoming Calls This MorningClement, James
01/12/2018Windows UpdateGallion, Christine
01/11/2018Potential Phone System Disruption on the Morning of Friday January 12thClement, James
01/04/2018Printing Changes at Applied Technologies CenterClement, James
12/06/2017Technical Support Tips: A Primer on File Management, Windows 10Gallion, Christine
11/29/2017Technical Support Tips: Is Windows 10 in Your Holiday Plans?Gallion, Christine
11/27/2017Title: Call Center Agents and Supervisors - Important changes starting today!Roehrig, Bradley
11/22/2017Shopping Safely OnlinePogroszewski, Donna
11/21/2017Call Center Agents and Supervisors - Change is coming soon!Roehrig, Bradley
11/16/2017Ransomware AttacksPogroszewski, Donna
11/13/2017Social EngineeringPogroszewski, Donna
11/10/2017Technical Support Tips: Displaying Your Desktop, Windows 10Gallion, Christine
11/07/2017Technical Support Tips: Where can I find great technology tips?Gallion, Christine
11/06/2017HVAC Open HouseFrench, Kevin
11/06/2017Technical Support Tips: How to add to your home page(s)Gallion, Christine
11/03/2017Shopping Online Securely - Protecting Your InformationPogroszewski, Donna
11/02/2017Shopping Online Securely - Is This Deal For Real?Pogroszewski, Donna
10/27/2017MCC student email not syncing via mail clientsEggleston, Andrew
10/26/2017Technical Support Tips: How to create a bookmark to my.monroecc.eduGallion, Christine
10/25/2017Browsing Safely (Part 2)Pogroszewski, Donna
10/25/2017Try Out the All New myMCCHoover, Jamie
10/24/2017Browsing SafelyPogroszewski, Donna
10/20/2017Scheduled Network Maintenance Sunday October 22ndClement, James
10/18/2017New myMCC Now Available for Faculty & StaffAriola, Amy
10/13/2017Seeking all Windows 7 PCsGallion, Christine
10/11/2017Choosing a Password ManagerPogroszewski, Donna
10/10/2017Password ManagersPogroszewski, Donna
10/06/2017Paper Documents Also Have to Be ProtectedPogroszewski, Donna
10/05/2017Passwords vs PassphrasesPogroszewski, Donna
10/04/2017Connecting Home Devices: Internet of Things (IoT)Pogroszewski, Donna
10/04/2017The new myMCC is ready for your input!Dugan, Lawrence
10/03/2017National Cyber Security Awareness MonthPogroszewski, Donna
09/29/2017Technical Support Tips: How to create a desktop shortcut to a web pageGallion, Christine
09/15/2017Technical Support Tips: Recent Phishing AttackGallion, Christine
09/13/2017Technical Support Tips: How to create a desktop shortcut to a folder or a documentGallion, Christine
09/08/2017Technical Support Tips: How to change your default printerGallion, Christine
09/07/2017Technical Support Tips: How to add a networked printerGallion, Christine
09/06/2017Technical Support Tips: Walk to your car securely with MCC GuardianGallion, Christine
09/05/2017Technical Support Tips: Is it time to change your password?Gallion, Christine
09/01/2017Technical Support Tips: Forgot your password?Pogroszewski, Donna
08/15/2017The All New myMCC for Students is Here!Ariola, Amy
05/17/2017Using Mobile Apps SafelyPogroszewski, Donna
03/20/2017Banner INBDavid Lane
03/20/2017Common IT Wisdom That Keeps You SecureDonna Pogroszewski
02/17/2017Campus Phone Maintenance on SaturdayJames Clement
02/09/2017Tax Identity Theft Awareness WeekDonna Pogroszewski
02/03/2017Intermittent Phone Outages Tomorrow, February 4Donna Pogroszewski
02/02/2017Starfish Training--for New and Seasoned UsersKim Ross
02/01/2017Maintaining a Clean Desk Can Help Prevent Security BreachesDonna Pogroszewski
01/30/20172017’s Top Cyber Threat PredictionsDonna Pogroszewski
01/27/2017Did You Know That January 28 is Data Privacy Day?Donna Pogroszewski
12/21/2016Working From Home Over BreakHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
12/08/2016New Device? Check Your CyberSecurity!Donna Pogroszewski
11/09/2016Starfish Training Date ChangeKim Ross
10/26/2016Installing Apps on Your Mobile DeviceDonna Pogroszewski
10/25/2016Securing Your TabletDonna Pogroszewski
10/21/2016Installing Apps on Your Mobile DevicesDonna Pogroszewski
10/19/2016Malware Wears Costumes, TooDonna Pogroszewski
10/17/2016Being mindful and observant can help you defend against Phishing ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
10/14/2016What is Phishing and Social Engineering? Donna Pogroszewski
10/12/2016Traveling SecurelyDonna Pogroszewski
10/05/2016Starfish Training for FacultyThe Starfish Team
10/05/2016What is Two-Factor Authentication?Donna Pogroszewski
10/04/2016National Cyber Security Awareness MonthDonna Pogroszewski
09/28/2016Voicemail – Did You Know?Brad Roehrig
09/27/2016Advice On How To Minimize Your Email Account SizeKevin Simmons
09/22/2016Latest Email ScamDonna Pogroszewski
09/22/2016The Schools @ MCC on BlackboardJessica Wilkie
08/30/2016Changes to accessing the M Drive from home.David Lane
08/17/2016myMCC MaintenanceBarbara Robinson
08/02/2016myMCC and Banner System Maintenance Friday, August 5Barbara Robinson
07/12/2016Damon City Campus UpdateEileen Wirley
05/27/2016Fall 2016 Classroom ChangesDavid Lane
05/26/2016Managed Print Assessment SurveyElliote Simpson
05/11/2016Managed Print StudyElliote Simpson
05/06/2016Ad Astra UpgradeToni Custodio
05/06/2016Yahoo, Google, Microsoft web mail (Hotmail) – Password Change NeededJeff Dunker
05/05/2016Scheduled Network OutageJames Clement
04/28/2016Online Technology Request SystemDavid Lane
04/25/2016‘One Ring’ Cell Phone ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
03/28/2016Spam, Spam, Go AwayDonna Pogroszewski
03/25/2016Online Technology Request UpdatesDonna Pogroszewski
03/03/2016Reminder: Banner PIN has ChangedDavid Lane
02/22/2016Learning Resource Center has Saturday HoursDr. Delovis Olaode
02/09/2016Banner Documentation on the M: Drive Debra Watson
01/26/2016Learning Resource Center Extended HoursDelovis Olaode
01/25/2016Welcome to the Spring SemesterDavid Lane
01/13/2016Class Schedule and Outlook CalendarIntegration Services
01/11/2016Banner and Appworx Maintenance/DowntimeBarbara Robinson
01/05/2016Improving the Security of Your Home ComputerJeff Dunker
12/10/2015Extended Hours for Brighton’s Learning Resource Center and DCC’s Learning Commons Delovis Olaode
12/09/2015Scam Of The Week: Apple ID SuspensionDonna Pogroszewski
11/17/2015Technology LockdownDavid Lane
11/06/2015‘Tis the Season to be Cautious Donna Pogroszewski
10/30/2015National Cyber Security Awareness Month Donna Pogroszewski
10/29/2015Trash Day, Cash Day – Shredding your Sensitive DocumentsJeff Dunker
10/29/2015Trojan Horses and Drive-by Downloads and Social Engineering, Oh My!Donna Pogroszewski
10/28/2015Ask Tech Support: Security Questions Candy Shaffer
10/28/2015Deadly Fraud: Medical Identity TheftJeff Dunker
10/26/2015Recycling your Computer  Donna Pogroszewski
10/23/2015Wipe your Smartphone Data Before Donating or Trading it inDonna Pogroszewski
10/22/2015Using Mobile Apps SecurelyDonna Pogroszewski
10/21/2015Ask Tech SupportCandy Shaffer
10/21/2015Common Sense in Cyber SecurityJeff Willard
10/20/2015Resolving Problems with a Locked-Out Account @ MCCJeff Dunker
10/19/2015The Harm in Password ReuseDonna Pogroszewski
10/16/2015MalwareBytes Installs at MCCJeff Dunker
10/15/2015Managing your Digital FootprintDonna Pogroszewski
10/13/2015Protecting Your Identity – Additional StepsJeff Dunker
10/12/2015Protecting Your WorkstationJeff Willard
10/09/2015Found USB DrivesJeff Willard
10/07/2015Preventing Identity Theft - What you can doJeff Dunker
10/06/2015Watch out for fake virus alertsDonna Pogroszewski
10/05/2015Ransomware - What You Need to KnowJeff Dunker
10/02/2015National Cyber Security Awareness Month Donna Pogroszewski
10/01/2015New Credit Card Chip TechnologyDonna Pogroszewski
09/24/2015Ask Tech SupportCandy Shaffer
09/24/2015Network Service Outage at DCC, PSTC on Saturday 9/26James Clement
09/16/2015Banner Maintenance and Down Time        Barb Robinson
09/15/2015Virtual Campus Learning Opportunities – Don’t be left out!Marie Gibson
09/08/2015Class Schedule and Outlook CalendarIntegration Services
07/10/2015Ad Astra UpgradeAntonia Custodio
06/26/2015Print Queues Changing on PCsDonna Pogroszewski
06/25/2015A Fond Farewell to Our Old Videoserver!Jeremy Case
06/24/2015Social Engineering Through the InternetDonna Pogroszewski
06/23/2015Cyber Security Awareness Training Donna Pogroszewski
06/23/2015How Do I Schedule Time to Work in the Lecture Capture Self-Record Facility?Jeremy Case
06/10/2015Network Printing Changes - July 6, 2015Donna Pogroszewski
06/04/2015Degree Works Will be Down Saturday 6/6/15 from 8 AM -3 PMJody Torcello
06/02/2015Microsoft Lync Instant Messaging Service Upgrade Scheduled for ThursdayDonna Pogroszewski
06/01/2015Sophisticated Phishing ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
05/13/2015Class Schedule and Outlook CalendarIntegration Services
04/24/2015Requisition Approval NotificationPatrick Bates
04/24/2015Security Warning Appearing in Chrome BrowserDavid Lane
04/21/2015Technology LockdownDavid Lane
04/13/2015Mobile Device SecurityDonna Pogroszewski
03/25/2015Network Outage to DCC & PSTF on Saturday, March 28thJames Clement
03/23/2015Who Moved my FIC? ... and an Exciting AnnouncementJeremy Case
03/20/2015Banner UpgradesDavid Lane
03/06/2015Tax Preparer Phishing ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
02/27/2015Protecting yourself Against CybercrimeDonna Pogroszewski
02/20/2015myMCC & Banner Maintenance - Sunday, February 22Bob Bertram
02/18/2015Banner Production INB Users Important! - Please ReadBob Bertram
02/13/2015Technology Services Request System UpgradeDonna Pogroszewski
02/05/2015Blackboard Learn Refresher Sessions for Faculty: Spring 2015Marie Gibson
01/23/2015Changes in Spam Filter ProtectionDonna Pogroszewski
01/20/2015Looking Back at 2014’s Cyber Security and Ahead at 2015Donna Pogroszewski
01/13/2015myMCC and Banner MaintenanceBob Bertram
01/07/2015Class Schedule and Outlook CalendarIntegration Services
12/19/2014Additional Information: Holiday Break Systems and Network Planned Outages Richard Schill
12/18/2014Blackboard Learn Refresher Training Sessions: January 2015Marie Gibson
12/18/2014Holiday Break: Systems and Network Planned OutagesDonna Pogroszewski
12/04/2014Securing Your New Computer or DeviceDonna Pogroszewski
11/26/2014December 2014 and January 2015: Blackboard Refresher SeriesMarie Gibson
11/24/2014Online Holiday ShoppingDonna Pogroszewski
11/24/2014Technology LockdownDavid Lane
11/20/2014Intermittent Systems and Network OutageJames Clement
11/17/2014Snow & visions of sugar plums did that get me to Gradebooks? The mind is a mysterious thing!Martha Kendall
11/12/2014Blackboard Training Level 1 & Level 2 courses now available; everyone welcome!Martha Kendall
10/31/2014Spooky Side of Cyber SecurityDonna Pogroszewski
10/27/2014If you will be teaching during SPRING please read the following:Martha Kendall
10/23/2014Cyber Threat AwarenessJeffrey Dunker
10/22/2014Blackboard Course Shells have been created for Intersession 201510  Martha Kendall
10/20/2014Why can email attachments be dangerous?Donna Pogroszewski
10/17/2014Protecting Your PCJeff Willard
10/15/2014Back up Your FilesJeff Willard
10/14/2014Blackboard Learn: Course Menu 101: Course Organization Training WorkshopMarie Gibson
10/13/2014PasswordsJeff Willard
10/10/2014Blackboard Learn:  Grade Center 101 Training WorkshopMarie Gibson
10/09/2014Malicious Software (Malware)Jeffrey Dunker
10/07/2014Social Media ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
10/06/2014Don’t Fall for Rogue Antivirus SoftwareDonna Pogroszewski
10/03/2014October is National Cyber Security Awareness MonthDonna Pogroszewski
10/02/2014Social Media ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
09/04/2014Ongoing Phishing and Social Engineering AttemptsDonna Pogroszewski
09/04/2014Tips for Safe Banking Over the InternetDonna Pogroszewski
08/28/2014MCC's Mobile App Will Help Your Students Integration Services
08/25/2014Class Schedule and Outlook CalendarIntegration Services
08/11/2014CryptoLocker Ransomware VirusDonna Pogroszewski
07/29/2014Cyber Security Newsletter Donna Pogroszewski
07/28/2014What Information is Collected When You Visit a Website?Donna Pogroszewski
07/24/2014M: Drive Storage UpgradeDonna Pogroszewski
06/13/2014Technology Services Support and Request System David Lane
06/03/2014Banner Maintenance on Saturday June 7Bob Bertram
05/13/2014MCC SpamDavid Lane
05/12/2014Security ReminderDonna Pogroszewski
05/07/2014IE Vulnerability PatchedDonna Pogroszewski
05/06/2014New Mobile App Will Help Your StudentsAnn Penwarden
05/01/2014Firefox and Chrome DownloadsPat Murphy-Golden
04/30/2014Alert: Microsoft IE Zero-Day VulnerabilityDonna Pogroszewski
04/25/2014Technology LockdownDavid Lane
04/18/2014myMCC will be unavailable Friday from 3 to 4 PMBarb Robinson
04/15/2014Attention All MCC Employees: Change Your Password NowDavid Lane
04/02/2014Peeps & Spring Puppy are back! (Seasonal Phone Background Images)Brad & Deb
03/31/2014Spot Fake SoftwareDonna Pogroszewski
03/21/2014Protect Yourself from Online Tax ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
03/17/2014Know Where You Are Going Before You ClickDonna Pogroszewski
03/14/2014Windows XP End-of-LifeDonna Pogroszewski
03/11/2014Security Tips for Smart PhonesJeffrey Willard
03/10/2014myMCC and Banner - Unavailable on Sunday March 16 7am-1pmBarbara Robinson
03/10/2014The Internet of ThingsDonna Pogroszewski
03/03/2014You Are The TargetDonna Pogroszewski
02/28/2014Securing Your Mobile DeviceDonna Pogroszewski
02/27/2014Failing to Patch or Update DevicesDonna Pogroszewski
02/26/2014Technology and Computer Enhancements to MCC Classrooms and LabsETS Communications
02/26/2014Weak Password = Weak SecurityDonna Pogroszewski
02/24/2014Human Cyber Security Risks Donna Pogroszewski
02/24/2014Phishing Vs Spear Phishing ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
02/12/2014ETS wants to hear from youDavid Lane
02/03/2014ETS Scam AlertDonna Pogroszewski
01/28/2014Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy
01/27/2014Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy
01/14/  (New)Drew Mead
01/08/2014New Windows 8 and Office 2013 Manuals Now AvailableThe ETS Technology Training Team
12/19/2013Holiday Break Email UpgradesDonna Pogroszewski
12/19/2013Pre-Migration eMailbox CleanupDonna Pogroszewski
12/19/2013Technology Services Support and Requests SystemETS Communications
12/10/2013Christmas is Only 2 Weeks Away! Pat Murphy-Golden
12/09/2013Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig
12/06/2013Last Two Weeks: ETS Technology DaysMarie Gibson
12/02/2013Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy-Golden
12/02/2013Technology LockdownETS Communications
11/21/2013Cyber Monday and Online Shopping SeasonDonna Pogroszewski
11/21/2013(Phase Two)  M: Drive Data Retention Guidelines in Effect on November 29, 2013ETS Communications
11/18/2013Ask Tech Support Pat Murphy-Golden
11/12/2013Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy-Golden
11/04/2013Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy-Golden
11/01/2013ETS Technology DaysMarie Gibson
11/01/2013MCC M:Drive Directory and Data Retention GuidelinesETS Communications
10/29/2013Ask Tech Support Pat Murphy-Golden
10/28/2013Single Sign On Comes to the SUNY PortalWilliam Wagoner
10/23/2013How Do I Protect the Information on My Smartphone?Donna Pogroszewski
10/22/2013Ask Tech Support Pat Murphy-Golden
10/16/2013Cyber Security Tips NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
10/15/2013Ask Tech Support Pat Murphy-Golden
10/09/2013DropBox - Is it Secure for Business?Donna Pogroszewski
10/08/2013LIbrary Increases Computing CapacityETS Communications
10/07/2013Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy-Golden
10/03/2013myMCC & Banner Maintenance on Sunday, Oct. 6 from 6 a.m.-12 p.m.Bob Bertram
10/03/2013October is National Cyber Security Awareness MonthDonna Pogroszewski
10/01/2013Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy-Golden
09/27/2013ETS Technology Days: Register Now!Marie Gibson
09/23/2013Ask Tech SupportPat Murphy-Golden
09/16/2013ETS RealignmentJeff Bartkovich
09/16/2013Restore of M-Drive Shared DirectoriesDonna Pogroszewski
09/13/2013ETS Technology Days:  Registration Now Open!The ETS Technology Training Team
09/12/2013Windows Software UpdatesDavid Lane
09/04/2013Technology for New StudentsETS Communications
08/28/2013Introducing the new U: drive for your M:\Users\... Personal DirectoryWilliam Wagoner
08/26/2013ETS Technology Training Reminder: New Employee Technology Orientation Session 8/28 and 8/29Marie Gibson
08/20/2013Phishing Email ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
08/07/2013ETS Technology Training: New Employee Technology Orientation Sessions!Marie Gibson
08/05/2013Security Tips for Public WiFi Hotspots Donna Pogroszewski
07/31/2013Summer Computer DeploymentETS Communications
07/16/2013ETS Services Request SystemETS Communications
07/09/2013Keeping Senior Citizens Safe OnlineDonna Pogroszewski
06/19/2013Do You Know Where Your Personal Information Is?Donna Pogroszewski
06/12/2013Banner Maintenance on Sunday, June 16Bob Bertram
05/28/2013May 30 Phone Service Outages Bradley Roehrig
05/16/2013Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone! Brad Roehrig & Deb Smith
05/16/2013Summer Network Maintenance ScheduleETS Communications
05/14/2013Protect Yourself from Email Phishing AttacksDonna Pogroszewski
04/30/2013Technology LockdownDale Mallory
04/19/2013Security Tips for Mobile DevicesDonna Pogroszewski
04/11/2013Network Upgrades Over Spring BreakJames Clement
03/28/2013System and Network UpgradesDonna Pogroszewski
03/27/2013RansomwareDonna Pogroszewski
03/26/2013Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig
03/13/2013Did you know - David Lane
03/11/2013iPhone and iPad Users: Update to iOS 6.1.2 Donna Pogroszewski
03/05/2013ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
02/20/2013ETS Server Upgrade CompletedETS Communications
02/19/2013Stay Safe on Social Networking  Donna Pogroszewski
02/14/2013Avoid Valentine's Day ScamsDonna Pogroszewski
02/13/2013Classroom Technology Updates - Intersession 2013ETS Communications
02/11/2013Student E-Mail to be UpgradedDonna Pogroszewski
02/05/2013myMCC & Banner Scheduled for Maintenance on February 9-10Bob Bertram
02/01/2013Cyber Security Trends to Lookout for in 2013Donna Pogroszewski
01/11/2013Safeguard Your Data Donna Pogroszewski
01/10/2013965 Mailboxes later…Bradley Roehrig
01/07/2013Last Week to Register! January 2013  ETS Technology Week Marie Gibson
12/19/2012December 28-30 Intermittent Network OutagesDonna Pogroszewski
12/18/2012Cyber Security TipDonna Pogroszewski
12/17/2012Protect Your Portable DevicesDonna Pogroszewski
12/13/2012Wrapping "IT" up for the HolidaysDonna Pogroszewski
12/12/2012System Status PageDonna Pogroszewski
12/11/2012Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig
12/06/2012Secure Shopping Online Donna Pogroszewski
12/05/2012Ad Astra Room and Event Scheduling Maintenance and UpgradeRobert Bertram
12/03/2012Registration Now Open! January 2013 ETS Technology WeekMarie Gibson
11/28/2012Cyber Security TipDonna Pogroszewski
11/21/2012Cyber Security TipDonna Pogroszewski
11/20/2012MyVPN: AnyConnect Applications Upgrade for WindowsRon DellaPorta
11/20/2012Thanksgiving Break Network UpgradesJames Clement
11/09/2012Infrastructure UpgradesDavid Lane
11/01/2012Room and Event Scheduling (Ad Astra) Routine MaintenanceRobert Bertram
10/23/2012Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig
10/15/2012Improvements to Brighton Campus Verizon Cell ServiceJames Clement
10/11/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
10/11/2012MCC e-Academy Software StoreETS Communications
10/08/2012Blackboard Mobile Learn for ANGEL – it’s FREE through Spring 2013!Peggy VanKirk
10/05/2012ETS Technology TrainingMarie Gibson
10/01/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
09/19/2012Email ScamsDavid Lane
09/18/2012Angel UpgradedETS Communications
09/13/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
09/10/2012Moving to New Unity Voice Mail SystemChris Montagliano
09/05/2012Ad Astra Event Request TrainingCourtney Belluccio
09/05/2012Print-On-The-GoETS Communications
09/05/2012Where Did Firefox Go?David Lane
09/04/2012One Employee, One Account ETS Communications
09/04/2012Student Technology HelpDesk- Damon City Campus Location Live for Fall SemesterAndrew Eggleston
08/31/2012Access MCC Files From Your iOS Mobile DeviceETS Communications
08/31/2012New Employee Network AccountsDonna Pogroszewski
08/30/2012Classroom UpdatesETS Communications
08/30/2012Know the Rules of Cyber EthicsDonna Pogroszewski
07/27/2012DCC, PSTF Network Outage Saturday July 28th James Clement
07/27/2012New Anti-Virus Software to be InstalledDavid Lane
07/17/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
07/10/2012Internet Blackout Monday - MCC Not AffectedETS Communications
07/03/2012Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig
06/12/2012Attention LinkedIn UsersDavid Lane
06/05/2012ETS Security Newsletter Donna Pogroszewski
06/05/2012Going Live with the Event and Scheduling ToolCourtney Belluccio
06/05/2012Last Week to Register: June 2012 ETS Technology Week Marie Gibson
05/17/2012Register Now!  June 2012 ETS Technology WeekMarie Gibson
05/08/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
05/07/2012What's New and Improved in the Scheduling World!!!Christine Accorso and Antonia Custodio, Co-Chairs
04/30/2012Save the Date: June 2012 ETS Technology WeekMarie Gibson
04/27/2012Does Your Office Printer Need Cleaning?Christine Montagliano
04/20/2012Technology LockdownDale Mallory
04/18/2012Reminder: Inventory of Portable Computers TodayMike Quinn
04/06/2012ETS Partners with iSecure and ProceraDonna Pogroszewski
04/05/2012Banner Upgrade - April 14 & April 15Bob Bertram
04/04/2012Network UpgradeJeff Bartkovich
03/27/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
03/27/2012New Telephone Technology FeaturesETS Communications
03/23/2012New Telephone Technology at MCCETS Communications
03/14/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
03/08/2012myMCC MaintenanceBob Bertram
03/02/2012New PCs Installed Over Winter BreakETS Communications
02/14/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
02/09/2012ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
01/31/2012Technology in Classrooms Updated over Holiday BreakETS Communications
01/25/2012Self-Service Password Reset Requires 2nd Security QuestionETS Communications
01/24/2012Network Maintenance - January 29ETS Communications
01/12/2012Technology Links Moved to Tech TabETS Communications
01/09/2012myMCC Faculty Class Roster Photo Directory Now Available for IntercessionETS Communications
01/06/2012Last Week to Register: January 2012 ETS Technology Week Marie Gibson
12/15/2011ETS Projects UpdateETS Communications
12/07/2011Register Now: January 2012 ETS Technology WeekMarie Gibson
12/01/2011ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
11/30/2011ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
11/28/2011ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
11/18/2011ETS Projects Update - Fall 2011 Phase IIETS Communications
10/25/2011myMCC MaintenanceBob Bertram
10/24/2011ETS Projects Update - Fall 2011ETS Communications
10/07/2011Network Upgrades in Spina Administration Building on Sunday 10/9/11James Clement
10/06/2011Banner Maintenance on SundayBob Bertram
10/06/2011What's New in myMCCBob Bertram
10/04/2011ETS Project Updates - Summer 2011, Phase IIETS Communications
09/30/2011Network Upgrades in Building 8 on Sunday 10/2/11 James Clement
09/29/2011ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
09/27/2011Random PIN Numbers for Banner Self ServiceJeff Bartkovich
09/23/2011ETS Technology Training Program: “Just In Time ... Just Give Us a Call”Marie Gibson
09/22/2011ETS Project Updates - Summer 2011ETS Communications
09/20/2011Cloud ComputingDonna Pogroszewski
09/09/2011ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
09/08/2011ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
09/07/2011ETS Security NewsletterDonna Pogroszewski
09/06/2011292-TECH – New Technology Support Line!Terry Keys
09/06/2011Student Technology HelpDesk Goes Live for Fall SemesterAndrew Eggleston
09/01/2011Scheduled Internet Outage Donna Pogroszewski
08/26/2011New Login Page for myMCCBob Bertram
08/25/2011Class Schedule and Outlook Calendar William Wagoner
08/24/2011Notification of System OutageDonna Pogroszewski
07/21/2011Technology UpdatesETS Communications
07/15/2011myMCC UpgradeBob Bertram
06/17/2011Guest AccountsETS Communications
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