Direct Disability Support Services

Monroe Community College’s disability services certificate can help you stand out in the job market

With a direct disability support services certificate from Monroe Community College, you can get the skills and training you need for the best jobs in supporting individuals with disabilities. Whether you’re already employed in disability services or are looking to enter the field, the certificate will provide you with the training and credentials you need to increase your income and improve your job security.

The one-year disability services certificate emphasizes practical training and workforce readiness. You’ll learn from experienced disability support professionals, developing skills that help you stand out in the disability services job market. The program will teach you to:

  • Assess the needs of clients
  • Develop individualized disability support plans
  • Maintain proper documentation
  • Communicate effectively with people with disabilities
  • Practice professional ethics

Gain Practical Workplace Experience with a Disability Services Organization

The direct disability support services certificate includes two professional internships. You’ll get more than 100 hours of practical workplace experience at a nonprofit, government agency, community center, or related organization that provides services to individuals with disabilities. These internships enable you to build your resume, gain professional references, and develop a professional network in the disability services community.

Graduates of our direct disability services certificate program have a strong track record of success in the job market. You can also use the credits from your certificate as the foundation of an associate’s degree in human services or a related field.

To find out how a disability support services certificate can help you compete for the best jobs and increase your income, contact Monroe Community College’s admissions office at (585) 292-2200 or

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Certificate Program

Department:Human Services

School(s): Community Engagement & Development

MCC Program Code: DD02

The Certificate Program is designed for individuals who want to learn the skills necessary to work in the field of disabilities and/or who may possess entry level positions in the disability field and want to further their education and training in this area.Certificate holders may go on to earn the A.A.S. Degree in Human Services or the A.S. Degree in Human Services by adding to their program courses appropriately distributed according to the requirements for the degree they are seeking.
Students must be qualified to take ENG 101 in order to register for the HUM 101 and HUM 111.
(Housed in the Human Services Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1. Describe various contemporary issues in the field of direct disability support services in order to provide support that is responsive to these issues to individuals with disabilities.
2. Identify and discuss community, natural, and systemic support services for people with significant disabilities.
3. Explain the differences in the roles and responsibilities of professionals in disability services systems and describe how care is provided to client/consumers in various care settings.
4. Describe and defend the important role of compliance and regulations in the field of direct disability support services.
5. Employ individualized assessments and develop plans using a person centered approach to determine services needed by consumers.
6. Select and report the necessary information to complete documentation procedures and materials for individuals in various systems of the direct disability support services field.
7. Develop positive behavior support planning for individuals with disabilities that facilitates communication, relationship-building, and independent decision-making in the community.
8. Examine the relationship between his/her own values and behaviors, including professional boundaries, ethics, and confidentiality and analyze how this relationship impacts the support of individuals with disabilities

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Distribution Requirements Credit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER: 15 Credit Hours 4
HUM 101 Introduction to Human Services2
HUM 111 Fieldwork in Human Services I3
HUM 130 Introduction to the Disability Support Services Field3
HUM 135 Roles and Responsibilities in Disability Support Services 3
HUM 210 Disability Across the Lifespan 3
SECOND SEMESTER: 15 Credit Hours
HUM 102 Basic Human Services Skills 4
HUM 112 Fieldwork in Human Services II 2
HUM 230 Individualized Planning and Documentation for Disability Support Services 3
HUM 235 Supporting and Communicating with People with Significant Disabilities3
HUM 236 Contemporary Issues in the Field of Disability Support Services3
Total 15

updated 7/7/2020