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Getting Errors? Check here...

Getting Errors? Check here...

Account Activation Errors

Meaning: The network account does not match the network password entered.

Solution: Please verify from you letter that the network account name and the network password (Including capital M and the mcc at the end)  you are entering are correct.

Meaning: A password was set up prior to account activation causing a mismatch in the system records.

Solution: In order to activate an account, it must be set to default (EX: M00xxxxxxmcc). Perform a password reset and then continue with account activation process.

Reset Password Errors

Meaning: The M number that was typed in does not match the Student ID that MCC has on record for the account name.

Solution: Check your Student Photo I.D. Your M# should be located underneath your photo. If your I.D. does not have you M# or you do not have a Student I.D. card please contact Records and Registration (585-292-2300) to receive you M number. Also you can log into your student records account and view your current class schedule. Your M# will be on the upper right.

Meaning: The answer to the security question does not match the one on record. Security answers are created during the account activation process. They are case sensitive and must be typed in exactly as they were originally; including spaces and punctuation.

Solution: Go into Student Records within Banner and under the Personal Information tab, correct under PIN Confirmation Question by selecting or creating a security question along with the answer to such.

Meaning: Birth date does not match information on file in the MCC Student Records system.

Solution: First, return to the previous page and verify the DOB entered is correct. If it is correct please contact Records and Registration (292-2300) to have the DOB corrected.

Password Change Errors

Meaning: the network account name entered does not exist in MCC's system.

Solution: Verify that you are entering the correct network account name. If you are and still receive the message, contact the Student Technology HelpDesk.

Meaning: The Current Password entered for the Network Account name is incorrect.

Solution: Verify that you are entering your network account name (ex: jdoe1) and current password correctly. If you are still receiving this error message, perform a password reset first, and then change to a new unique password.

Meaning: The new password created is not complex enough.

Solution: Make sure that your password is 8 - 16 characters long, contains at least 3 of the 4 character groups listed on the Change Password webpage, does not contain ANY part of your full name, and is not a previous password.

MCC Student Technology HelpDesk

Location: Learning Resource Center Building 11 Rm 106B
Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday – Friday

Location: DCC Learning Commons (4101, Damon City Campus)
Hours: 9:00am - 1:00pm, Monday - Friday
Phone: 585.292.TECH (8324)

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