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Shortcuts to Programs in the Start menu, Taskbar and Desktop in Windows 10

First lets review the names of the different areas. The screen shot below shows the screen after clicking on the Window symbol in the lower left hand corner known as the Start button.

The Start menu is outlined in orange and contains Tiles on the right.

A list of the “Most Used” programs is outlined in green.

A list of all programs is outlined in blue and can be scrolled through.

The Taskbar is outlined in yellow.

The Desktop is outlined in purple and is partially hidden by the Start menu.

NOTE: If you scroll through the programs you will see Mail, Calendar and People. These are independent apps and are NOT Outlook. Please don’t use them as they can conflict with Outlook and cause problems.

From the Start menu you can left click on any program in the program list and drag it over to the tiles, the desktop or the taskbar and the program will appear where you drag it to. Doing this creates a shortcut and the program will still be listed in the list of all programs.

 NOTE: In Windows 7 do not drag programs from the program list and to the desktop. This can cause problems. This guide is intended for Windows 10 only. 

But what if you decide you don’t want the app listed in these places. It is easy to remove them. 

If you have questions or run into trouble, contact Technical Support at x8324, option 3. 

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