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Accessing Blackboard after the Chrome updates to version 80

What is happening?

An update to Google Chrome (version 80) has the potential to break many websites and web-apps related to your work at MCC.

When is this update happening?

The update is scheduled to be released on February 4, 2020. Chrome automatically updates in most scenarios, so you may see the update upwards of 24 hours or so from the release date.

What should I do if the new version of Google Chrome doesn't allow me to get my work done?

The update to Google Chrome changes the strictness with which cookies and other web assets are handled. The result is that you may be unable to log into various websites or, if you are able to log in, you may find that they don't look or function as expected. The short-term answer is to use another web browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Edge, depending on what you have available.

The application I use only supports Google Chrome; after updating, is there anything I can do to make it behave like I did before?

There are some settings that can be changed in Chrome to disable the new strictness that is being enforced with version 80. Use the address bar in chrome and type "chrome://flags". Once on the flags page, search for SameSite.

Use the button at the bottom to relaunch Chrome and websites should function as they had before the update.

Will this issue ultimately be resolved without having to manually set flags?

The changes that Chrome expects starting with version 80 require web developers, vendors, and content networks to update the way cookies and other assets are presented. We have already reached out to several vendors and made changes at MCC to minimize the disruption, but in some cases, new software versions and/or configuration updates are required from our vendors, which may take additional time.

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