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1 A Primer on File Management, Windows 10

This article covers how to make a file folder, how to copy or move a file(s), how to create a desktop shortcut and how to pin folders to Quick Access. These instructions can also be used to back up files on a laptop when it is connected to the M-Drive. Why…

2 Displaying your desktop

If you have several open windows but want to see your desktop, click in the far right corner of the taskbar (along the bottom of your screen). The space you need to click is on the other side of a vertical line “|”. If you click or tap on the same spot…

3 How to create a desktop shortcut to a folder or a document

It’s recommended you save files to the M-Drive or the U-Drive. The M-Drive stores files meant to be shared. The U-Drive stores your work files for your access only. Both are backed up securely. It’s strongly recommended you do not use the C-Drive. Files…

4 How to create a desktop shortcut to a web page

1. Navigate to the web page you would like to make a shortcut. 2. Click in at the beginning of the address in the address bar and drag your mouse over the entire address. The address should now be highlighted. 3. Right click on the highlighted address and…

5 Shortcuts to Programs in the Start menu, Taskbar and Desktop in Windows 10

First lets review the names of the different areas. The screen shot below shows the screen after clicking on the Window symbol in the lower left hand corner known as the Start button. The Start menu is outlined in orange and contains Tiles on the right. A…

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