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1 Do we have to pay for the U-Pass?

2018-2019 is the Pilot year for the U-Pass. On this first year, the MCC Board of Trustees has approved the College pay the full cost of the service. So, no cost to students this year. Throughout the pilot year, MCC will evaluate the program’s usage and…

2 I was wondering how do I get a U-Pass?

All you need is your valid MCC ID and to be enrolled in at least one class at Brighton, Downtown or ATC and you have a U-Pass. Students who take all their classes online or who have all their classes at the Public Safety Training Facility as well as MCC employees…

3 So I just swipe my MCC ID card?

When you board any RTS Bus, you will swipe your MCC ID in the RTS fare-box. The fare-box will read the magnetic strip on your ID and allow you access any day, anytime on any route during the semester. Fare-free rides start Monday. Schedules are available…

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