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1 Are there any services provided at MCC for veterans and military students?

Yes, the Counseling Center and Veteran Service Office can assist in many ways including admission to the college, certification for VA benefits, advisement and registration as well as a variety of other services highlighted on our Veteran Services web page.…

2 I have a personal concern and I need to see a counselor. Is there anyone to help me at MCC and how much does it cost?

The Counseling Center and Veteran Services Office has a staff of professionally trained Behavioral Health Counselors available to see students for personal, academic and career concerns on either a walk-in or appointment basis. All services are free of charge.…

3 What is the college’s confidentiality policy concerning meeting with a Behavioral Health Counselor i.e. “who gets to know my business”?

The counselors are bound by a code of ethics specific to their discipline. Information is kept in the strictest of confidence unless the following conditions exist: · You are deemed a danger to yourself or others · You sign a Release of Information designating…

4 What is the first step to seeing a counselor?

You can see a counselor on a walk-in basis or schedule an appointment. You can call 292-2030 for walk-in times or to schedule an appointment. CCVS is located in building 3 – room 103.

5 What kinds of problems can the staff in Counseling Center and Veteran Services (CCVS) help me with?

CCVS assists students with various challenges they may have in their personal and academic lives. They include relationship, substance use/abuse, adjusting to a new environment and trying to balance all areas of life. Some students are adjusting to a new…

6 Will coming to counseling go on my school record?

No, Counseling is kept confidential and does not go on a student’s official record.

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