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1 Can my bill be paid for by a third-party sponsor?

Third-party sponsored students are those who will have all or a portion of their tuition and/or fees paid by an outside agency, such as an employer, governmental agency, military, etc. Students or sponsors must submit written proof of sponsorship (authorization…

2 How can I enroll in a payment plan?

Monroe Community College is pleased to provide a payment plan for students who do not have resources to pay the bill in full or who may not qualify for sufficient financial aid to cover the entire bill. Payments will be automatically deducted from the account…

3 How do I pay my bill?

MCC's payment options are: 1. Pay in full In person at the Student Accounts Office, Building 6 Room 201 or Downtown Campus, Enrollment & Financial Services, 2nd Floor, Room 210 Online by following the instructions below. Go to…

4 How much do classes cost?

Please click on the link below for the current tuition and fee rates:

5 I am an International Student. How do I pay my bill with a wire transfer?

International Wire Transfer Monroe Community College uses a third party payment system called Flywire for international wire transfers. Step 1: Go to: Step 2: Enter Monroe Community College into the institution selection box Step 3:…

6 What is eRefund?

MCC gives you the option of having financial aid and other refunds directly deposited into a bank account. You can use either a checking or savings account belonging to you or your parents. You'll receive an email notification when your actual eRefund has…

7 What is Tax Form 1098-T?

In accordance with the Tax Relief Act of 1997 and IRS regulations, MCC provides eligible students with Form 1098-T. This statement shows qualified tuition and fees that were paid between January 1 and December 31 of a given tax year as well as financial aid…

8 What is the tuition refund schedule?

Fall and Spring Semesters: Drop before the start of semester: 100% of tuition and refundable fees Drop before the end of the first week of classes: 75% of tuition and fees Drop before the end of the second week of classes: 50% of tuition and fees Drop before…

9 Why do I need a certificate of residency?

A certificate is required to be on file at Monroe Community College every semester for which you enroll. A Certificate of Residence is valid for one year only! If you are charged "Resident Tuition without COR" follow the instructions below. If you have been…

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