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1 How do club or organization leaders receive training?

Club training happens each August and if you have submitted your new leaders for the next year they will be contacted by email. If you have questions please email Leadership workshops that may be relevant to club and organization management…

2 How do I contact a club or organization?

You can stop by office 3-126 in the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center to contact any club or advisor. If you are unsuccessful in contacting a club or are interested in a club that is not currently active, please e-mail

3 What are Leadership Workshops?

Leadership Workshops are multidisciplinary modules used to teach specific leadership skills. They are part of the LEAD(Leadership Education And Development program) and the Leadership Certificate. It is strongly encouraged that you complete a Leadership Certificate…

4 When are Student Government meetings, and who can attend?

On the Brighton Campus meetings are every Tuesday(through the academic year) at 2:15pm in the Forum, Building 3-130. At the Damon City Campus meetings are held at *** Please note that both student governance bodies meet in smaller meetings over the Summer,…

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