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1 Appeals

Parking Appeals Process/Procedure Goals of the appeals process – The appeals process provides members of the college community with a way to resolve contested parking citations. The appeals process has been designed to: · Provide information and assistance…

2 Commuter Parking Registration

Q How do I request parking for the Brighton Campus. A If you are a commuter student all parking registrations are requested on line and after you are registered for classes. Go to your "Student Account" and select My Parking Account. Summer parking registration…

3 Persons with Disabilities

Q How do I get handicapped parking information. A Go to our web page at for specific information.and helpful links to other resources. Q Am I allowed to use another persons handicapped parking hangtag if…

4 Violations

Q Whom do I talk to in regards to a parking/NYS V & T Law violation? A Any Public Safety staff can explain why you were ticketed. If you would like to dispute, an appeal must be filed in writing within 15 calender days. For a NYS V&T Law violation,…

5 Visitor Parking

Q If I am a student but coming to the campus to take care of personal business where do I park? A Students may use the student meters located on Residence/Arts Lanes or park in student parking lot with your valid parking registration. Registered students…

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