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1 Can we use appliances in club offices?

Microwaves, space heaters, refrigerators and other appliances are not allowed in club offices, pursuant to the contract the club/organization signed when requesting an office. In the course of club or organization business it becomes necessary to use certain…

2 How do club or organization leaders receive training?

Club training happens each August and if you have submitted your new leaders for the next year they will be contacted by email. If you have questions please email Leadership workshops that may be relevant to club and organization management…

3 How do I start a club?

The assistant director for clubs and organizations of the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development will be more than happy to get you on your way having a chartered club at MCC. Before you make an appointment about your club idea make sure you have…

4 Requesting funding from the Student Government Association

To request funding you must approach the senator that oversees your type of club(social, academic, etc.). A packet must be filled out detailing the purpose of the funding and with that information a vote is taken at a future student government meeting. It…

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