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1 How do your offerings differ by season? Featured

Depending upon the season offerings at the Campus Center Service Desk may change. Typically, movie ticket packages offered in the Fall. During the Summer discounted tickets are offered to Darien Lake and Sea Breeze. Movie tickets sold individually are sold…

2 Are discounted theme park tickets for sale?

Discounted tickets to Seabreeze and Darien Lake are available during the Spring Semester and Summer Sessions at the Campus Center Service Desk for the MCC Community. Current prices are listed here:

3 Can an RTS bus pass be purchased on campus?

RTS bus passes are available at the Campus Center Service Desk and the Damon City Campus Bookstore. Their hours and services, along with prices are available at:

4 Can I purchase movie tickets on campus?

Yes, and they are discounted too! Visit the Campus Center Service Desk for discounted movie tickets to the Little Theater, Regal Cinemas, and Tinseltown. Prices are available at: You can purchase movie…

5 Can I send a fax or mail a letter?

The Campus Center Service Desk and the MCC Association/Office of Student Life and Leadership Development suite can help you with both. Start at the Campus Center Service to purchase your stamp, envelope or FAX service. They will give you information on how…

6 What does the Service Desk/Damon City Bookstore offer?

Location: Building 3 Atrium of the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center or the Damon City Campus Bookstore To Order Tickets you must visit: Operating Hours (while school is in session): Mon. – Thurs., 8:45am – 4:45pm and Fri., 8:45am…

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