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1 How do I access MCC's Annual Public Safety Report?

Monroe Community College is committed to assisting all members of our community in providing for their safety and security. In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), the Department of Public Safety provides…

2 How do I obtain assistance for a jump start or keys locked in my car?

M.A.P. - Motorist Assistance Program If your vehicle needs jump-starting or the keys are locked inside your vehicle, go to the Information Desk on the second floor of Building 1 and we can assist you. You may also call 292-2912 for assistance.

3 How do I report and emergency?

Emergency calls will be answered by the Public Safety Department at the following numbers: Brighton Campus X 2911; (585) 292-2911 Residence Halls X 3911; (585) 292-3911 Damon City Campus X 1414; (585) 262-1414 Or Call 911

4 How do I request an escort to my vehicle?

You may request an escort to your vehicle from Public Safety by calling 292-2912.

5 Is the Public Safety Department staffed 24 hours a day?

The Public Safety Department provides safety and security related services to the college community seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Office hours for specific Public Safety functions are listed below: Section Location / Hours Extension Environmental Health…

6 Should I carry my student identification?

Your student ID will identify you as a valid student and should be carried at all times while on campus. It is an important document which allows you access to services throughout the various campus environments (Damon, Brighton, etc.).

7 What are Campus Peace Officers?

Campus Peace Officers are certified in accordance with New York State Criminal Procedure Law and are able to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Peace Officer, including the ability to investigate crimes, enforce laws, and make arrests. The Public…

8 What are those blue light phones for?

Blue light emergency phones are located throughout the college campuses. The phones are connected to Public Safety‚Äôs 24-hour dispatch center and identify the phone location if the caller is unable to talk. The phones can be used to request an escort, report…

9 What do I do in the event of a fire alarm?

You should immediately get up and get out of your area. Close the door to the room you are in if you are the last person out. Do not call Public Safety unless you have an emergency to report. If you are not sure if you should leave the area, act on the safe…

10 What does the Safety and Hazard Prevention Office do?

The Safety/Hazard Prevention office is responsible for the development and implementation of programs intended to insure the safety and wellbeing of all members of the college community. The campus grounds and buildings are continuously monitored for safety.…

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