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1 Does EOP pay tuition and housing cost?

No, the EOP Supplemental Grant is for college related expenses such as books and supplies.

2 How do I apply for the Educational Opportunity Program?

Check the appropriate box on the MCC application or contact the EOP office at .

3 How do I know if I am eligibile for EOP?

Check the appropriate box on the EOP application or contact the EOP Office at First-time students Be a first-time, full-time day student (no prior college). Be a resident of New York State (one year). Be a high school graduate with…

4 I am not a first-time college student. Am I eligible to apply for EOP at MCC?

No, EOP is only for a New York State Resident who is a first-time college student or a transferring student who participated in EOP or HEOP at their previous college or university or a readmit student who previously participated in EOP at MCC.

5 I am transferring to MCC from another college. Am I eligible for EOP at MCC?

Only if you were an EOP or HEOP student at your previous college or university.

6 Is EOP a financial aid program?

No, the EOP Supplemental Grant is based on need and program participation.

7 What services are offered through EOP?

Services offered through EOP are a four-week pre-freshman summer program, tutorial program, individual and group counseling, and a variety of workshops.

8 Where can I get more information about the Educational Opportunity Program?

E-mail us at or call (585) 292-2028.

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