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1 Are the residence halls strictly for out-of-county students or athletes?

No! Anyone can apply to live in the residence halls. To date, approximately 2/3 of the applications are from out-of-county students, however, this does not prevent in-county students from applying to on-campus as well. Please visit theHousing and Residence…

2 Can I tour the residence halls before I move in?

All campus tours, including the Residence Halls, are organized through the MCC Admissions Office. The Admissions Office is located on the Brighton Campus, Building 1 Room 211, phone number 585.292.2200. Several summer orientations will include a residence…

3 Does my financial aid cover my housing cost?

This depends on your financial aid eligibility. If you have enough financial aid eligibility, your aid may cover your residence hall expenses. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

4 How are housing assignments made for new students?

Housing assignments are made based on the roommate agreement questionnaire that is completed on the housing application/license. Residents are placed in a suite based on similarities. Once placed in the suite, the placement of beds is based on the date and…

5 How does a student apply for housing?

To apply for housing you must be accepted to the college, so we encourage you to complete your college application early! The application opens on March 12 and is available by logging into the MCC student portal and clicking on the "Residence Life" tab. For…

6 How many total rooms are available on campus?

The residence hall complex consists of 772 beds, located in four buildings, Pioneer Hall, Alexander Hall, Tribune Hall and Canal Hall. Each suite is approximately 1,100 square feet in size. Please visit the Housing and Residence Life website for more information.…

7 How much does it cost to live on campus?

Single bedrooms and double bedrooms are priced differently based on the number of people in the bedroom. All single bedrooms are priced at the same cost, regardless of the size or location. Please visit the Housing and Residence Life page for more information.…

8 I need more information. Who do I contact?

E-mail us at Residence Halls with your question or contact the office at 585-292-3674.

9 What if I cannot afford the $200 housing/security deposit?

When considering if on campus housing is the right choice for you, all costs associated with living on campus should be factored in. One of those costs is the application fee. The Housing Application requires students to submit a $200 housing/security deposit…

10 What if I decide that I do not want to live on-campus after I have filled out an application?

If you are not offered a room you may request your $200 deposit in writing at anytime. Once you accept a room and your response window has passed, you will forfeit the application fee if you cancel prior to the start of classes. Once a student has moved into…

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