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1 Are the living arrangements co-ed?

Each suite is single-sexed; however, the residence halls are coed. For example, four women may be living in their own suite, and could have a suite of four men living across the hallway. Please visit the Housing and Residence Life website for additional information.…

2 Are the suites furnished?

Yes, the suites are furnished with the following: Kitchen - 4/5 breakfast stools for the kitchen counter. full-size refrigerator, electric stove with oven, microwave, and dishwasher Living Room - Love seat, 2 chairs, 2 end tables and a coffee table Bed Room…

3 What size sheets should I bring?

Both twin and extra long twin sheets will fit on the beds in the MCC residence halls. Visit the Housing and Residence Life website for additional information.

4 Will I have cable TV in my room?

Each individual is furnished with their own cable jack in each bedroom. Double bedrooms are equipped with two cable jacks. Each suite common area also has a cable jack if suitemates decide they would like to have a television in the common room. Students…

5 Will I have internet access in my room?

Yes, there is an internet port for each resident, with data ports in each bedroom (2 ports in double bedrooms) and one in the common area of the suite. There is also wireless internet access in all residence halls. Both wired and wireless internet are included…

6 Will I need to bring a land line phone?

Phones are not provided in the residence halls. If you wish to have local phone service and voicemail via a land line phone, you will need to contact Frontier at 1 (585) 777-1686.

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