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1 Can I do a Medical Withdrawal?

Students who miss classes due to serious illness or injury and need to withdraw may do so by following the Academic Calendar and signing into their myMCC account and withdrawing themselves. It is recommended that students speak to their professors first to…

2 Can I get my allergy shots in Health Services

The preferred option is to continue with your allergist or current physician. If you are a distance from home and that option is not feasible then students must make arrangements with a local allergist. Click on our Wellness Resources link…

3 Do I need to make an appointment to be seen in Health Services?

Yes, we see students by appointment only, except in emergencies. Please call (585) 292-2018 to schedule an appointment. Call early to schedule a same day appointment.

4 What do I do if I am sick or injured and miss classes?

Students should contact their professors promptly for any absence from class due to illness or injury. We do not provide medical excuses from class. The Health Services department will notify instructors of an extended absence due to illness or injury if…

5 What services are provided in Health Services?

Students can navigate to the Health Services webpage to find a list of services we provide.

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