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1 What do I do if I attended another school and want to have a course transferred to MCC to meet the requirements for graduation in my program?

You will need to have an official transcript sent to the Advisement & Transfer Services Advisor. The advisor will work with an admissions counselor will then determine if the transfer course is acceptable.

2 Where can I find an Intent to Graduate Application?

There are several locations: ONLINE: Brighton Campus: Advisement & Transfer Services, bldg 1-231 Registration & Records, bldg 6-203 Downtown Campus: Student Engagement Office - Room 310

3 Do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes, every student must complete an Intent to Graduate Application. Graduation is NOT automatic.

4 How will I know I have met all of the requirements for my program?

Once you complete the Intent to Graduate Application, the Registration & Records Office will do a preliminary audit and send you a letter informing you of your status.

5 If I have one or two courses to complete during the summer, can I still graduate in May?

You will not be certified for graduation until you complete all of your course requirements. However it is possible to participate in the Commencement Ceremony if you complete all of your requirements (6 credits or less) by August 30. If you wish to participate,…

6 What if a course I need to fulfill my requirements is not being offered and my advisor recommends another course to substitute for that requirement?

If your advisor recommends a course other than the required course, the Department Chair will need to approve the substitution and forward a Substitution Waiver Form to Registration and Records, bldg 6-203

7 When is the best time to file my Intent to Graduate Application?

Once you complete the registration process for your last semester at MCC.

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