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1 About Archiving

Why archive? · The messages in your email are stored remotely on a server. Outlook and the Outlook Web App allow you to view the messages on your computer or phone the way Microsoft Word allows you to view text documents. · However, unlike Word, your email…

2 Creating an Archive

Archiving your email will pull it from the mail server and save it as a .pst file on your computer. These instructions will show you how to set up an archive (thus freeing up more space in your inbox). Since saving the archive to your PC is bad practice (due…

3 How do I send an email to my entire class?

In Outlook from a Computer on Campus (Outlook Web App Instructions below): 1. In Outlook click on New Email. 2. When the window opens, click the “To” button. 3. To search for your class, enter the abbreviation for the semester and the 2 digit year. (Example:…

4 I received a suspicious email. How do I know if it is spam?

There are many ways to tell if a message is spam or a phishing attempt. (Phishing is where malicious users try to pose as a legitimate company in order to gain your personal information.) 1. Is this an email you're expecting? Do you recognize the sender?…

5 Setting up delegates in Outlook

To give someone permission to view/edit your calendar or inbox you must first set them up as a delegate. This can only be done through Outlook, not the Web App in myMCC. To setup delegates, open Outlook and do the following: 1. Click the File tab and then…

6 Setting up Email on Mobile Devices

In the future, when you change your MCC Network Account Password be sure to update it on your mobile device as well. Adding Your MCC Email to your Mobile Device 1. On your mobile device, add a new mail account via Microsoft Exchange/Corporate Exchange. On…

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