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1 Clearing the Web Browser Cache

If a page in your browser is not loading correctly you can try to fix it by clearing the browsers cache. First, close or navigate off the page that is not loading correctly. Do not close the browser. To clear the cache in Chrome: Click the three vertical…

2 How to add to your home page(s)

The new cannot be set as a home page in the usual way. Here are instructions for each browser. The web address will open to the authentication page. In Firefox: Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner…

3 How to create a bookmark to

Unfortunately the new cannot be bookmarked in the usual way. Here are instructions for each browser. In Firefox: If there are no tabs (File, Edit, View, etc...) at the top of Firefox, right click in the grey space where the tabs are and check…

4 Where can I get discounted software/applications?

MCC Employees can purchase certain software packages at an extreme discount. To do this l ogin to myMCC and go to the Tech tab. On the left side in the "Technology Links" box click the link "MCC E-Academy Software Store." Once in the store click on the words…

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