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1 Forgot your password?

You can reset your password yourself. Go to and click on the "I AM AN EMPLOYEE" button. On the next page click on the large button that reads, "RESET YOUR EMPLOYEE NETWORK ACCOUNT PASSWORD." Then just follow the prompts. Password Rules…

2 How do I change my security questions and answers?

To change your security questions and answers: 1. Go to the website and select "I am an employee." 2. Click the box that says "Set Your Employee Security Questions and Answers." 3. Fill out the form and then click "Set my MCC Employee…

3 How to change your password

The easiest way to change your password is from a computer on campus. Remember: If you have email on your phone/tablet you must also change the password stored in your phone/tablet. If you Use Image Now & WebFOCUS, use your new network password when logging…

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