Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior and social life. Sociology examines social relationships, social structures and institutions, social change, and how people interact within social contexts. All human behavior is social; therefore, the subject matter of sociology includes the examination of diverse and important matters in our personal lives, communities, and the world. On a micro-level, sociology examines such topics as the social contexts of intimate relationships, deviant behavior, or the development of gender identity. On a macro-level, sociology analyzes structures of institutional racism, class inequality, and social institutions like the media and the criminal justice system.  At the global level sociology studies patterns of migration, population change and global economic development.  

The relevance of sociological study can be applied to disciplines and careers across a broad spectrum, including social services, law and criminal justice, healthcare, education, and policy.

Sociology courses are offered at the Brighton and Downtown Campuses, in face-to-face, online, and hybrid modalities. Our dedicated faculty offer dynamic opportunities to engage in, social justice activism, honors, and violence prevention within their course curriculum.