About the Brand

More than our logo, MCC’s brand is the promise we make to our community―especially students. It includes our reputation, how people feel about us, and the many ways we inspire students to be great every day.

MCC’s refreshed brand is based on market research across a variety of audiences, including students, alumni, community leaders, and employees. The revitalized brand is the guiding principle and foundation for the college’s communication and marketing efforts.

Brand Definition

MCC’s brand definition supports our mission and vision. When you’re talking about MCC, writing about MCC or even thinking about MCC, keep in mind the following brand definition:

At MCC, our dynamic learning environment, excellent academics, and innovative approach empower diverse learners to follow personal paths toward achievable results. Guided by exceptional professors and staff, we inspire successful outcomes―making MCC a catalyst for economic development, an important asset to New York state, and a source of pride for all.

Brand Tagline

MCC’s new tagline, “Inspiring every day.” reflects how our faculty and staff inspire students to be great, and how MCC students inspire us all. The tagline captures the essence of the brand and sets MCC apart as a college focused on successful outcomes. Use of student and faculty success stories in communications reinforces the tagline.