Database Administration & Operations

What We Do

We continuously monitor and implement new features to the IBM enterprise server, which runs the major systems of the College: Banner Student, Financial Aid, Finance, Human Resources, and Advancement. Additionally, we resolve problems end-users of these systems may encounter.

Operations processes and distributes output such as student transcripts, progress reports, grades, master schedules, financial and budget reports, and W2 Forms, to name a few.

We generate ad-hoc reports and provide electronic test scoring. An optical mark scanning system is used by the Computer Operations' staff to process student attendance, grades, testing data, faculty exams, and student initiate withdrawals as well as timesheets for the entire college, student interest surveys, and graduate follow-ups.


How do I make requests?

Complete a Banner Job Request (requires MCC login).

  • Pickup of Reports, Labels, or other output is available at the Copy Center located in Building 3, Room 162.
  • This area is open from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.
  • Completed faculty exams may be picked up in the faculty mailroom in Building 1, Room 107.
  • Testing materials are also available in the faculty mailroom.