Campus Evacuation Procedures


When the fire alarm sounds:

  • Stay calm; do not panic. Do not assume it is a fire drill.
  • Quickly gather your personal belongings if it is safe to do so.
  • Immediately evacuate the building via the closest exit.  If you are the last person out of the room, close the door behind you to keep the fire from spreading. Do not use elevators.
  • If the closest exit is blocked, go to the next closest exit. If all exits are blocked or if there is life threatening smoke or fire in the corridor, go back to your room. Close the door and call Public Safety (585-292-2911) to report your location. If you are not able to communicate via phone, position yourself in front a window and signal for help. If smoke is entering the room, seal the bottom of your room door and air vents with a rug, blanket, towel, etc. Crawl and keep low to avoid deadly smoke, heat and fumes.
  • If you are mobility impaired and are not able to self-evacuate via the stairs, proceed to the closest Area of Assistance. (See locations listed below.) Those using crutches or a cane, should wait until heavy pedestrian traffic has cleared before attempting to use stairways.
  • Once outside, do not gather near the exit doors or in the Fire Lane. Proceed to the closest Emergency Assembly Location (see below). Do NOT call Public Safety (585-292-2911) unless you have information regarding the location of the fire, the cause of the alarm, or to report any missing, trapped people or disabled individuals. 

Assembly Locations

Brighton Campus Assembly Locations

Assemble at least 100 feet from the building. For reference, the blue light phones and flag pole in the front of the campus are 100 feet away. Do not assemble in the Fire Lanes, either court yard, or on the plaza deck.

Residence Halls Assembly Locations

  • Alexander Residents will meet in Parking Lot D (Child Day Care parking lot)
  • Pioneer Residents will meet in Parking lot R
  • Tribune Residents will meet in Parking Lot R
  • Canal Residents will meet in Parking Lot T

Downtown Campus Assembly Locations

Stay on the sidewalk, proceed to the front of the building. Cross Morrie Silver Way and assemble in Parking Lot AA.  Public Safety personnel will be present, stopping road traffic, to allow for safe crossing.

Applied Technology Center Assembly Location

Congregate in the back parking lot, at the point most distant from the entrance the emergency responders will be using. Do not congregate in the Fire Lane.

  • Do not re-enter the building, even if the alarms are no longer ringing. Wait for official directive.
  • At the Brighton Campus and Applied Technology Center, announcement will be made over the public address system when it is safe to enter the building. 
  • At the Downtown Campus, Public Safety staff will make the announcement.


If you are unable to leave the building due to a mobility impairment, proceed to the closest designated Area of Assistance, generally located near or at a stair tower.  A wall sign stating “Area of Refuge”, “Emergency Assembly Area” or “Area of Rescue Assistance” denotes these areas.  MCC Public Safety staff checks these areas during all emergency evacuations and when needed, provides assistance in relocating individuals.  

If imminent danger from a fire occurs while waiting for Public Safety assistance, move inside the nearest stair tower. Notify Public Safety (585-292-2911) and provide your exact location including building, floor and stairwell/room number.

Brighton Campus Area of Assistance Locations

Administration Building #1

  • 2nd floor, overlooking bus loop
  • Next to 1-300

Leroy V. Good Library Building #2

  • Opposite 2-296
  • Opposite 2-203
  • Opposite 2-317
  • Opposite 2-131
  • Opposite 2-411
  • Opposite 2-496

Campus Center Building #3

  • Next to 3-296
  • Next to 3-291J

North Faculty Tower Building #5

  • Opposite 5-202
  • Next to 5-222
  • Opposite 5-302
  • Next to 5-322
  • Opposite 5-402
  • Next to 5-422
  • Next to 5-502
  • Next to 5-524 

Registration/Financial Services Building #6

  • Next to 6-209
  • Opposite 6-325
  • Opposite 6-423
  • Next to elevator 6-492A

Sciences Building #7

  • Next to 7-215
  • Next to 7-315

South Faculty Tower Building #8

  • Next to 8-202
  • Next to 8-222
  • Next to 8-302
  • Next to 8-322
  • Next to 8-402
  • Next to 8-424
  • Next to 8-502
  • Next to 8-524
  • Next to 8-602
  • Next to 8-624

Nursing/Science & Technology Building #9

  • Next to 9-201
  • Opposite 9-264

Learning Centers Building #11

  • Opposite 11-211
  • Opposite 11-295B
  • Opposite 11-310
  • Opposite 11-396A

Fine Arts Building #12

  • Opposite 12-213
  • Opposite 12-295A

Downtown Campus Locations of Areas of Assistance

Second Floor

  • Stairwell 293B
  • Stairwell 293E

Third Floor

  • Near Stairwell 393B
  • Near Stairwell 393E

Fourth Floor

  • Near Stairwell 493B
  • Near Stairwell 493E

Fifth Floor

  • Near Stairwell 593B
  • Near Stairwell 593E

Sixth Floor

  • Near Stairwell 693B
  • Near Stairwell 693E

Seventh Floor

  • Near Stairwell 793B
  • Near Stairwell 793D