Guidelines and Procedures

  • Please plan ahead. Allow at least two to three weeks for Graphic Services to complete your projects
  • All projects must be MCC-related
  • Departments requesting projects involving excessive amounts of supplies may be asked to provide materials or may be charged to cover cost of those materials

Other tips

  • Allow time for deliveries to off campus locations: Deliveries to the Downtown Campus, Public Safety Training Center, Applied Tech and Child Care leave the Brighton Mailroom at 10:30 am daily. Please leave extra time in case of late or canceled deliveries due to any unforeseen issues that arise that are out of our control.
  • All work submitted for printing must be accompanied by a completely filled out Printing Services Request Form Form. Incomplete forms (either handwritten or electronic) will cause delays.
  • Electronic files produce the higher quality prints than paper copiers
  • PDF files are preferred to ensure consistent image reproduction. Formatting and fonts have been known to change when opening files such as Microsoft Word, Publisher and other native files.
  • Printing Services is not responsible for proofing printed materials. Please proofread your copy carefully to save time and money on costly re-prints. You will be charged for each page of color printing.
  • To expedite our workflow please be sure to include the # of pages in the job that is being requested. Multiple attachments should have all pages added up to be included in the # of pages area. This assists us in making sure your request is complete.
  • Each side of a copy is considered 1 page (e.g. front and back would be two pages)
  • Printing Services encourages multiple attachments on electronic orders as long as you are requesting the same quantity and services for each attachment to be printed.
  • If electronic orders do contain multiple attachments that are to be combined and printed as one packet please indicate that and list the files in the order that they need to be printed
  • To save paper and follow MCC’s Green initiative, we implement a 2 sided printing policy. All documents will be printed 2 sided unless otherwise indicated. Please explain any circumstances that require 1 sided printing such as exams.