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PSY 101 Study Guide

These pages contain the complete study guide for PSY 101. Your success in class requires careful attention to the material in the textbook, and the study guide should help you focus on what you need to know to succeed on the unit tests.

The study guide is arranged by unit, and each unit is arranged by learning objective. There are 20 learning objectives for each unit. Each learning objective covers one or more sections of the unit in the textbook, defined by the headings found in the text. Within each learning objective there are a series of questions about material in the textbook. We have designed the test bank to reflect the questions in the study guide. Each test will have one multiple-choice question related to each learning objective, so attend to each learning objective equally within the unit.

Read our study guide introduction

Access the study guide for each unit below: 

Each unit is available from the links above as a web page, a PDF document, and an RTF document.

Download the complete NEW (2016-present) study guide below: 

 The complete study guide in PDF format.

 The complete study guide in RTF format (which you may re-format in a word processor).

The complete study guide is also available printed and bound at the MCC Bookstore for around $2.