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Important: Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, the Psychology Learning Center is currently closed.

For tutoring, contact your professor by email or during office hours, as provided.

PSY 101 and the Psychology Learning Center

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Introductory Psychology (PSY 101) is organized into seven two-week modules, with a module test at the end of each one. These tests are worth 90% of the grade in the course. InQuizitive assignments are worth 10% of the grade. Refer to the course structure and organization page for further information.

The Psychology Learning Center provides a system of learning aids, tests, tutors, and other professional support designed to help PSY 101 students at MCC succeed in their course.

We look forward to seeing you in PSY-101, Introduction to Psychological Science.

PSY-101 Textbook and InQuizitive

The 2020-2021 school year begins with a new textbook, Psychology in Your Life, ISBN #9780393644470. It includes access to InQuizitive, which is required for quizzing assignments throughout the course.

The bookstore lists multiple options for your textbook purchase – loose leaf, Ebook, and paperback. You only need to purchase one. Also, the bookstore has a printed copy of the study guide available for purchase.

If you buy a used book or rent a book, you will need to purchase InQuizitive through the vendor’s website. There should be a link in your class online (in Blackboard) to purchase the eBook from the publisher.


All courses listed under "MyCourses" inside MyMCC are operating in Blackboard. You will be enrolled in two courses for PSY-101: one of them is your class, and it will look something like "202090-MON-PSY-101-000 Intro to Psy Science with [and your professor's name]"; the other is our PSY-101 testing center, which is called "202090-MON-PSY-101-Psychology 101 Testing Center (Fall 2020)." You will access InQuizitive and your module tests through this testing classroom, which is also linked from your professor's class. Access Blackboard through MyMCC or through the Blackboard login.