Writing Intensive (WR) Courses

Here at MCC, WR courses fall into one of the following categories: blanket or voluntary. 

The following courses are always WR, regardless of instructor or section:
All Anthropology/History/Political Science/Sociology courses

All English & Philosophy courses
All Honors courses
All Humanities courses

BIO 114 (Natural History of Rochester)
BIO 155 (General Biology I)
BIO 156 (General Biology II)
CHE 251, 252 (Organic Chemistry I and II) 
CIS 209 (Systems Analysis and Design)
COM 130 (Media Writing)
COM 131 (Journalism)
COM 151 (Journalism II) 
COM 230 (Scriptwriting)
ESL 130 (English-as-a-Second-Language)
ESL 201 (English-as-a-Second-Language)
ESL 145 (English-as-a-Second-Language)
HIM 205 (Professional Practice Experience I)
HIM 206 (Professional Practice Experience II)
HIM 213 (Health Information Systems)
MTH 155 (Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I)
MTH 156 (Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I)
NUR 111 (Fundamentals of Nursing)
NUR 112 (Nursing Care I)
NUR 150 (Application of the Nursing Process)
NUR 211 (Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing)
NUR 212 (Maternity Nursing)
NUR 214 (Nursing Care II)
PPE 208 (Sport Psychology)
PPE 175 (Philosophy and Principles of Phys-Ed)
PSY 208/EDU 208 (Guided Observation)

Voluntary WR courses vary each semester and, as with the permanent ones, they are offered from a wide range of departments--many of them STEM.

To see WR courses available for a given semester, please see the course schedule