Earn credits between semesters!

Theme artwork for Monroe Community College 2023 Intersession Term with text: Earn credits between semesters

Intersession — a session between Fall and Spring semesters — lets you complete up to 2 courses (6 credit hours) in just a few weeks. Some classes take up to six weeks, so check the start and end dates on the class schedule before you register.

Courses in Intersession cover the same content, maintain the same academic standards and contain the same number of in-class instructional hours as courses scheduled during the traditional 15-week semester.

It’s a great way to:

  • Complete degree requirements
  • Reduce your credit load during Spring or Fall semester
  • Study a subject intensively, for a short period of time
  • Complete a course that won’t fit your Fall or Spring schedule

Last year, hundreds of students from MCC and other colleges and universities took Intersession courses. Why not join them?

Courses are offered in the departments below with day, and online classes available.

If you’d like to earn extra credits between semesters, check out Intersession!


Brighton Campus
Registration & Records: Email or call (585) 292-2300

Downtown Campus
Student Engagement Center: Call (585) 685-6002