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College Directory


Peter A. Spina Administration Bldg
Brighton Campus
Building: 1, Room: 211
Phone Number: 585-292-2200
Fax Number: 585-292-3860

Web Site: Admissions

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Slate, Julie K., Assistant Director585-292-2224
Duffy, Bernadette M., Secretary585-292-2231
Allen, Sherry L.585-292-2216
Allen, Stephanie D.585-292-2218
Amo, Kassandra L.585-292-2210
Bilby, Carmela 585-292-2436
Brindle, Jeanette M.585-292-2438
Britton, Tracey A.585-292-2246
Carpenter, Susan C.585-292-2334
Esquilin, Ivonne 585-292-2228
Gerwitz, Thomas
Harris, Joanne 585-292-2211
Hoffman, Mary Beth E.585-292-2172
Lawson, Matthew S., Program Manager585-292-2433
Nans, Amy 585-292-2222
Pentz, Meryll A.585-292-2230
Rhodes, Demetrius 585-292-2223
Voldan-Curry, Dana E.585-292-2439

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