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College Directory

Faculty & Staff


NameDepartmentPhone #
Accorso, ChristinaStudent Services Office585-292-2123
Acquilano, Nelson C.Human Services585-685-6008
Adams-Hatlestad, Mary L.Health and Physical Education
Adams, JustineChild Care Center585-292-2640
Addis, Michael C.Facilities585-292-2594
Adiletta, Debra J.Mathematics
Ahern, ElizabethESOL/TRS
Ake, Debra A.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2480
Alas, Jorge A.World Languages and Cultures585-292-3314
Alessandra, Vickie A.Controller's Office - Accounts Payable585-292-2153
Alessi, James M.Applied Technologies585-292-3700
Allen, Amy C.MCC Association585-292-2535
Allen, Sherry L.Admissions585-292-2216
Allen, Stephanie D.Admissions585-292-2218
Almstead, James L.Mathematics585-292-2036
Amann, Katherine M.Mathematics
Amendolare, Nicole A.Public Safety Training Center585-753-3712
Ammerman, Mark M.Health and Physical Education
Amoroso, MatthewESOL/TRS
Amo, Kassandra L.Admissions585-292-2210
Anand, AjayEngineering Technologies
Anderson-Evans, Christy D.MCC Foundation585-685-6296
Anderson, Jason P.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2395
Andrecolich-Montesano, Gina M.Health and Physical Education
Andrews, Gary V.Public Safety585-292-2912
Angora, Joseph G.Facilities585-292-2810
Annesi, Lori A.Library585-292-2338
Anthony, Michael H.Biology
Anuszkiewicz, MichaelESOL/TRS
Archer, William G.Library585-292-2312
Ariola, Amy L.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2622
Arnold, Gretchen L.Visual and Performing Arts
Arnold, JulieAdvisement and Transfer Services585-292-2407
Arnold, Mary R.Biology
Arrajj, Justin R.Engineering Technologies
Asenato, CarrieFinancial Aid585-292-2275
Asenato, Thomas J.Public Safety585-292-2912
Atene, Carlo E.Mathematics585-292-2036
Atene, Carlo E.Engineering Science and Physics
Athalye, Susan M.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2617
Atkinson, Karen A.ESOL/TRS
Atkinson, Karen A.Mathematics
Auyer, Jonathan P.English/Philosophy
Avalone, Valarie L.Inst. Planning/Effectiveness/Accountability585-292-3021
Avery, Jannette L.Mathematics585-292-2955
Avery, Mollie M.Learning Support Systems585-292-3198