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College Directory


South Faculty Tower
Brighton Campus
Building: 8, Room: 224
Phone Number: 585-292-2029

Web Site: Biology

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Murphy, James A., Chairperson585-292-2731
Vitale, Michele A., Secretary585-292-2720
King, Robert N., Senior Specialist585-292-2065
McPhee, Jill C., Sr. Technical Asst. 585-292-2723
Peters, Janet C., Sr. Technical Asst.585-292-2194
Reid, Lincoln I., Technical Asst. 585-685-6136
Anthony, Michael H.
Arnold, Mary R.
Babulski, Julie A.585-292-2728
Bonzo, Deborah L.
Buffum-Herman, Nancy C.
Chan, Michael Y.
Chang, Christine R.
Clark, Mary E.
Daniel, Steven I.
Emerick, Paul S.585-292-2737
Falanga, Jonathan
Finn, Michele A.585-292-2719
Flick, Lisa M.585-292-2721
Graney, Tracey C.585-292-2717
Haggerty, Nancy L.
Hauschild, Craig E.585-292-2722
Hill, Jennifer A.585-292-2393
Kozlyuk, Diana A.585-292-2718
Leopard, Robert L.585-292-2741
Long, Suzanne S.585-292-2725
Markham, Jennifer A.585-292-2727
McMahon, Loralee
Milgate, Christine
Mizelle, Mazie B.585-292-2734
Pagani, Michelle M.
Penman, Laura N.585-292-2735
Rocco, Laurie A.
Savka, Maria Luiza C.585-292-2729
Stevens, Richard T.585-685-6103
Strobl, Erin E.585-685-6120
Tatakis, Timothy 585-292-2332
Tsai, Joanna H.585-292-2742
Vest, Mary Jo A.585-292-2733
Voelkl, George M.585-292-2726
Wendtland, Christopher D.585-292-2739
Wuertzer, Charles A.585-292-2428

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