College Directory

Chemistry and Geosciences

South Faculty Tower
Brighton Campus
Building: 8, Room: 210
Phone Number: 585-292-2003

Web Site: Chemistry and Geosciences

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Barone, Jessica L., Chairperson585-292-2448
McBride, Anne , Secretary585-292-2425
Anderson, Jason P.585-292-2395
Banker, John E.
Betancourt, Juan A.
Boester, Michael A.585-292-2447
Chacon, Stephanie
Clemens, Ryan T.585-292-2419
Cole, Justin D.
Colosimo, Amanda B.585-292-2421
DiSano, Mary T.585-292-2427
Edelbach, Brian L.585-292-2391
Foster, David
Hill, Judith A.585-292-2418
Howard, Wayne D.
Johnson, Michael J.
Kased, Razy
Kerr, Jeffrey A.
Little, Jonathon D.585-292-2396
McDonnell, Timothy J.
McKechney, Heather A.
McLean, Mark E.
Mevs, Judith M.585-292-3630
Mikesell, Peter J.
Oldfield, Mary Catherine S.585-292-2399
Pierce, Heather M.585-292-2426
Rodgers, Michael
Sadique, Azwana R.585-292-2394
Simson, Joseph M.
Szymanski, Jason S.585-292-2423
Tien, Lydia T.585-292-2397
Tierney, Kara J.585-292-2416
Voll, Elizabeth M.
Wilke, Burkhardt

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