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College Directory


LeRoy V. Good Library
Brighton Campus
Building: 2, Room: 200
Phone Number: 585-292-2665
Fax Number: 585-292-3859

Web Site: Library

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Ghidiu, Katherine E., Director585-292-2320
Wilson, Alice E., Asst. Director585-292-2304
Timmons, Mary E., Librarian585-685-6164
Navarro, Diane , Senior Technical Assistant585-292-2311
Annesi, Lori A.585-292-2338
Archer, William G.585-292-2312
Beechey, Michelle 585-292-2316
Czaja, Pamela M.585-292-2308
Hranjec, Stephanie A.585-685-6152
Klapka, Kevin E.585-292-2306
McWilliams, Steven J.585-292-2358
Parasnis-Samar, Dax 585-292-3182
Schuff, Bryan 585-292-2315
Scott, Seyvion 585-292-2313
Slifer, Mary 585-292-2317
Squires, Richard D.585-292-2314
Wilkinson, Carol 585-292-2330
Woodyard, Dennis J.585-685-6138

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