College Directory


Louis S. and Molly B. Wolk Center for Excellence
Brighton Campus
Building: 9, Room: 111
Phone Number: 585-292-2034
Fax Number: 585-292-3853
Web Site: Nursing

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Palmer, Laurie J., Chairperson585-292-2453
Petersen, Jenny B., Secretary585-292-2460
Caruana, Colleen M.585-292-2469
Combs, Mary 585-292-2458
Crean, Danielle 585-292-2454
Daniels-Dolan, Melissa 585-292-2459
Donofrio, Lisa L.585-292-2454
Dorsey, Jacqueline S.585-292-2463
Eggers, Mary 585-292-2457
Guenther, Patty M.585-292-2455
Haberek, Kelly A.585-292-2454
Hamlin, Kristina R.585-292-2454
Herbert, Marc A.585-292-2454
Hewitt, David G.585-292-2467
Hodgson, Suzanne M.585-292-2461
Hollander, Karleen A.585-292-2462
Holmes, Linda M.585-292-2454
Hurd, Phoebe 585-292-2459
Lopez, Judith A.585-292-2474
McCartney, Rebecca A.585-292-2454
Morse, Courtney N.585-292-2454
Noble, Breana R.585-292-2454
Nowacki, Colleen M.585-292-2454
Richards , Stephanie M.585-292-2454
Rosario-Mathieu, Caridad M.585-292-2451
Russo, Susan L.585-292-2454
Sarantis, Patricia A.585-292-2466
Seaman, Monica M.585-292-2454
Seely, Mary 585-292-2473
Shafer, Audrey K.585-292-2476
Smith, Katherine M.585-292-2454
Smith, Christine M.585-292-2454
Stell, Nanette D.585-292-2454
Venuti, Mary J.585-292-2454
Vila, Tasha 585-292-2454
Vogtle, Anne 585-292-2468
Volland, Janice 585-292-2471
Wilson, Judith L.585-292-2456
Zion Stratton, Elizabeth 585-292-2475

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