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VP Oldham Interviewed About Future of Technician Workforce Study

13WHAM News aired a report about what the future regional workforce looks like based on a study led by Dr. Todd Oldham, vice president of Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education.

The segment, which aired June 29-30, included interviews with Dr. Oldham and Mike Mandina, president of Optimax Systems and an MCC alumnus.

The groundbreaking Future of the Technician Workforce Study by MCC's Economic and Workforce Development Center sheds light on most-in-demand skills and what the future of work looks like in the Finger Lakes region over the next five years and beyond as current and emerging technologies--including artificial intelligence and virtual reality-- transform businesses' operations.

The study is based on extensive input from over 100 industry professionals from 80 organizations representing four sectors across the region at a fall 2019 strategic planning workshop.

Yuen-Eng, Hency
Government and Community Relations