Monroe Community College

Standards & Guidelines

MCC’s brand guidelines help ensure we present a consistent public image and message to our audiences. The guidelines show how to properly use the MCC logo and tagline in print, on the web, and when communicating via other media.

Download the MCC Brand Guidelines (pdf)

College Logo

The college logo is the foundation of MCC’s graphic identity. It is used on stationery, business cards, advertising, web pages, printed materials, and anywhere the MCC affiliation should be known. The shield and wordmark together comprise the official college logo.

Image of MCC four-color horizontal logo

Downloadable files and guidelines explaining how to use the logos are available on the Logos & Tagline page.

College Colors/Color Palette

MCC's official college colors are black and gold (see below). Our logo contains four colors:

Image showing blocks of the MCC logo's colors

  • Black: HEX #000000
  • Gold: PMS 117 Gold, HEX #c99900
  • Gray: PMS Cool Gray 10, HEX #616265
  • White: HEX #FFFFFF

See the Brand Guidelines document for CMYK and RGB color values.

The logo in full color is preferred; other options are available. Colors and logos should always be used according to the guidelines. When using the college’s official colors, we strive to reproduce them as accurately and consistently as possible regardless of the medium, material, or methods of reproduction.

College Typography

MCC typefaces are Trade Gothic, Clarendon T, Arial and Century Schoolbook.

With current technology, thousands of typefaces are available. However, not all typefaces reflect MCC’s brand. Please use the college’s official typefaces in printed materials. For more information and examples, please see the Brand Guidelines document.