Monroe Community College


We are organized into three main areas:

  1. Traditional Physical Plant Functions
    • Building Repairs: Twenty one people who work three shifts and “fix things” such as plumbing and electrical items, and who do carpentry, painting and other maintenance jobs (i.e. Maintenance Repair Orders - MRO’s).
    • Grounds: Ten people (and one dog “Abby”) who take care of all 300 acres of campus landscaping, parking lots, roads, and the equipment necessary to do this huge job (and control geese).

  2. Engineering Services
    • Traditional engineering functions: Project management, project design, architecture, campus drawings and sketches, and Facilities computer support. We have three people in this area.
    • Operating Engineers: Six people who work an around the clock position which runs all our mechanical building systems, such as heating and air conditioning.

  3. Building Services (Housekeeping):
    • Forty nine people who do all the cleaning and event set-ups for the campus, work three shifts, and keep the campus interior looking nice.