Certificate Program


School(s): Applied Sciences & Technologies

CIP Code: 31.0302
MCC Program Code: HM13
NYSED Code (BRI): 36523
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***This program is no longer offered at MCC.***
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The Certificate for the Golf Management Program introduces the student into the business aspect of the golf industry. Graduates of the Golf Management Certificate will establish a basis for a career within the various elements of the game of golf. Completion of this certificate program will qualify the student for any entry level position in the golf industry.
The Certificate in Golf Management program provides an excellent foundation for students seeking employment in the Golf industry. The curriculum covers specific instruction on the rules of golf, design, fitting and repair of equipment and golf course maintenance. Students also learn golf shop policies and services, human resource management and entrepreneurial studies, giving them a broader understanding of the business aspect of the golf industry. Completion of this certificate program will qualify the student for entry level positions in the golf industry.
(Housed in the Hospitality Department)

Program Learning Outcomes
1) Identify and describe the numerous job descriptions within the golf industry
2) Interpret and communicate rules decisions in the theater of formal competition
3) Design a comprehensive business plan for retail purposes
4) Create a viable revenue stream through structuring a thorough lesson program
5) Take a customer’s specifications and fit them into the proper equipment
6) Classify requirements of nutrition for turf grass
7) Produce a policies and procedures manual.

Employment Potential
For related jobs: Career Coach
Occupational Resource:

Requirements for Program Entrance
Pre-Algebra (1 year high school math or placement into Level 3 Math at MCC).
Placement into TRS 200, English 101 or higher.

Distribution RequirementsCredit Hours
FIRST SEMESTER: 17 Credit Hours
GLF 115 Introduction to Golf Management3
GLF 117 The Rules of Golf2
GLF 118 Golf Shop Operation 3
GLF 126 Introduction to Golf Equipment 3
HSP 201 Hospitality Human Resources Management 3
HSP Elective* 3
Total 17
SECOND SEMESTER: 16 Credit Hours
GLF 122 Golf Fundamentals and Methods3
GLF 130 Golf Course Maintenance3
GLF 136 Golf Shop Policies and Services3
BUS 110 Entrepreneurial Studies I3
CE 260 Cooperative Education - Hospitality Management** 4
Total 16

**CE 260 can be taken during the summer.
NOTE: Please see the Hospitality Management A.A.S. Degree - Golf Management, for a degree option to the Certificate program.

For information related to cost, success rate, and student debt in this program, please visit Golf Management - Gainful Employment Information.