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Geography studies how physical, biological, and human processes shape the landscape in which we live and cause regions to differ from each other. Geography is everything!

Geographers try to:

  • To understand coupled human environmental systems in the face of land change
  • To deliver pertinent information on the vulnerability and resilience of these systems for decision making

Geography is a bridging, integrating, and synthesizing science. We combine our talents with scientists in other disciplines to make a difference as we improve people’s ability to prosper as the land changes. We also use geospatial technology (GIS, Remote Sensing, and GPS) to help solve real-world problems. For more on geospatial technology, click here.

Without Geography, you're nowhere!

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MCC is the host of the New York Geographic Alliance (NYGA)

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MCC Geography/GIS Alumni wins prestigious undergraduate Geospatial award!

A former MCC Geography/GIS student recently won the "Marble-Boyle award”, supported by Mr. Jack Dangermond of ESRI.