Our Graduates Abound

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MCC's graduate nurses become registered nurses after passing a New York state examination, which allows them to contribute to the health of our community in many health care settings. You'll find them in hospitals, long term care, schools, doctors' offices and in four-year colleges pursuing their baccalaureate degrees. Read on - they'd like to tell you how MCC prepared them for their futures.

Acute Care Hospitals

"MCC prepared me for my role as a registered nurse. The quality of teaching and clinical experience far surpassed my expectations. MCC taught me how to be a real professional. I would recommend the MCC nursing program to anyone interested in entering this field."

Susan Immesoete, RN, a labor and delivery nurse at Genesee Hospital (Class of 1997)

Long Term Care/Nursing Homes

"The MCC nursing program provided me with an excellent foundation on which to build my nursing career. MCC prepared me to become a professional registered nurse in the community. Upon entering the health field, I relied on the knowledge and skills that I acquired throughout the nursing program to give me the confidence I needed to succeed in such a dynamic field. Because of the excellent education I received at MCC, I have made great advancements in the nursing field in a relatively short time. I highly recommend MCC's nursing program to everyone interested in quality education."

Margaret E. Bailey, RN, Head Nurse, Westgate Nursing Home (Class of 1996)

"The MCC nursing program gave me the opportunity to return to the profession I practiced in my country (of origin). As a professional nurse, I feel I can provide the kind of caring that makes a difference in my patients' lives."

Wanda Kudaj, RN, Jewish Home of Rochester (Class of 1995)

Community Health/Home Health

"The MCC nursing program gave me a solid foundation from which I'll be able to build a life-long career in the field of nursing. The faculty was readily available and used multiple tools to enhance learning. There were lectures and labs where videos, films, computers and hands-on practice were utilized. The clinicals were at several different hospitals so you're able to network in the community. I acquired the skills and knowledge from which I've been able to build a satisfying career in Community Health."

Margaret Cappello, Visiting Nurse Service of Rochester (Class of 1994)

Private Offices

"I feel that the MCC nursing program has prepared me well to carry out care from the complex technical skills to basic patient and family needs. The program offers opportunities to learn through various means: lectures with clear objectives; hands-on learning in the well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories prior to actual clinical experiences; independent study for those with previous health care experiences. Faculty provided leadership and a strong commitment to students. Open office hours encourage students to get extra help or to just stop by and chat. Many supportive relationships developed with fellow classmates. These friendships continue today. Upon completion of the nursing program I had acquired a solid foundation to go out and seek employment as a registered nurse. Employers recognize the well-trained, well-prepared MCC graduate."

Anne Crumb, RN, Pediatric Ambulatory Care (Class of 1995)

Occupational Health

"MCC provided me with a rock solid base for starting my career in nursing. Each nursing course built upon the next and constantly reinforced the basic skills necessary to work in today's changing health care environment. Upon graduating, I felt confident and ready to pursue the challenge of professional nursing. I feel that each faculty member I met instilled in me the self confidence and ability to 'step outside my comfort zone' and pursue my dreams as a nurse.

"As the mother of two children under five, it was a personal challenge to return to college to become a nurse. The accomplishment was due in large part to the support of the nursing faculty and staff at MCC as well as their clear understanding of the needs of adult learners returning to college.

"Today I work as an occupational health coordinator for Garlock Sealing Technologies, a division of Coltec Industries. My responsibilities include day-to-day care of employees, health and wellness promotion, case management of workplace illness and injury and OSHA regulations and compliance for our industry. This setting requires me to be autonomous, independent, flexible, organized, and skilled. I achieved all these things because of the committed faculty at the MCC Nursing Program, the Nursing Department Learning Lab, and the peer support and relationships I established there which continue to this day.

"I will always feel part of a select group of talented health professionals because of the time I spent at MCC. I feel blessed that I was able to fulfill my goal of becoming a registered professional nurse having graduated from the MCC Nursing Program."

Marie A. Warda, RN, Occupational Health Coordinator (Class of 1986)

Hospice Care

"I feel that the MCC nursing program was compact, challenging, and professionally grounded. Clinical skills were paramount, with a broad range of practice. Theory and 'rationale' were integrated heavily with the tasks of nursing. I met some excellent nurse-mentors there. I was well prepared for my future role as a nurse, lecturer, and author on the topic of hospice nursing."

Deborah Sigrist, RN, BSN, CRNH (Class of 1987)

Mental Health

"I feel that the MCC nursing program is an excellent preparation for the 'real world.' The clinical experiences gave us a chance to see the requirements for each specialty and a look at the different hospitals. Upon graduation, I found that having a degree from MCC opened many doors (employment) for me. Also, as an older student, this suited me as a quick entrance into the field."

Jane Regan Ames, RN, Emergency Department Assignment Officer (Class of 1987)

Continuing Education in a Baccalaureate Program
"I feel that the MCC nursing program prepared me very well to transfer into a baccalaureate program. I am finishing my third semester and have carried nine hours in each. The study skills and nursing courses I took at MCC made for an easy transition. I finished MCC in May of '96 and continue to communicate with former classmates. The support and encouragement from fellow students and faculty were invaluable. The nursing program at MCC is challenging and demanding on its students. It requires commitment and hard work for the two years. The discipline needed to complete the program is a great foundation for practice or continued education. When asked if I would go back and do it again - knowing and achieving my RN - the answer is overwhelmingly YES!"

B. J. Cunningham, RN, Nazareth College student (Class of 1996)

Nursing Education

"I feel that the MCC nursing program provided me with a rock solid foundation of nursing knowledge and skills that supported me in all my professional pursuits. It also served as a valuable springboard for further education and increased professional responsibilities. MCC had such a positive, powerful impact on me that over 30 years later, I can still name all my teachers and remember many of my nursing learning experiences. My advice? Think MCC first-Think MCC the best!

Suzanne J. McKim, RN, MS, Professor Emeritus of Nursing (Class of 1965)

"I know that the MCC Nursing program changed my life. Attending MCC and graduating from its nursing program was one of my most significant life decisions. As an adult student and mother of four, I found the support I needed from the very fine faculty and administration at the college. My education at MCC prepared me for a career which I loved and which I found immensely satisfying for over 25 years. Over 21 of those years were spent on the faculty of the MCC Nursing Department. There I was fortunate enough to work with outstanding educators and to help mold the future of many nurses who are now employed all over Rochester. I am retired now and enjoying it. Last year I was honored to be inducted into the MCC Alumni Hall of Fame.

Jane L. Garr, RN, Professor Emeritus of Nursing (Class of 1968)