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Screen Magnifiers

MAGic is a screen magnifier allowing the user to never lose track of the cursor. 

Accessing MAGic on campus
1. On the Desktop, click the " Accessible Resources" folder".
2. Double click on the MAGic program.

The Magnifier allows a user to control the size of any text and/or objects displayed on a screen. Magnifier software is built into all Windows/PC and Mac computers.  

Accessing the Magnifier on a Windows/PC:
1. Type in "magnifier" in the search toolbar by the start menu
2. The program will automatically open a toolbar for immediate use.

Accessing the Magnifier on a Mac:
1. Select the "Apple menu"
2. Select the "System Preferences"
3. Open the "Accessibility Panel"
4. Click on the "Zoom" tab on the left hand side of the page

Recommended Applications
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